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Dufil Prima warns consumers against contaminated products

By Naomi Uzor
Dufil Prima Foods Plc   has warned consumers never to consume pest infected products and not to store indomie noodle near insecticides, and kerosine, adding that one can not recognise an unsafe meal until after consumption.

“We have seen cases where somebody after cooking indomie in his house, and after eating he will  come to us and complain that there was kerosene in the product, and if you go through our processes, there is no possibility of contact with kerosene, the person must have stored it close to where he kept  his kerosene that was why the product got contaminated by kerosene.

If a rat has eaten the product, do not say  let me remove the part that rat has eaten and cook the rest, if you do that, you are risking the lives of  the people who are going to eat the food,” said Quality Supply Chain
Supervisor, Mr Segun Adeyemi.

Addressing participants at a seminar for caterers organised by the company, he explained that the product should be stored in a cool, dry  and clean place and must not be stored with unfriendly commodity like kerosene, pesticides or detergent.

The Product Development Manager, Ms. Dayo Adebayo, who spoke on nutritional benefits of the brand, said eating a wide variety of nutritionally balanced foods is the key to normal growth, development, activity and reduced risk of diseases in children and teenagers.

According to her, most medical and nutrition research reports that food without some required nutrients affect healthiness; therefore, foods with good nutrition are the best form of food the human body can ingest, for healthy living and that indomie is made from wheat flour and contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

“ Wheat is more nutritious than rice flour, maize flour guinea corn flour etc. Body chemistry of Individual differ from persons to persons so , Its always good to know what you are eating. if you have a pack of indomie, you can be guaranteed that at  list 12 of the basic requirements your body  needs are there, it is very important that we enrich our body, that we cook well and cook with vegetables,” she stated.


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