Woman to Women

June 13, 2009

Discover what works for you

By Folake Anina
I have told you before that no woman came out of her mothers womb looking like miss universe. Everyone does something. Well I must say there must be a few naturals, but of a truth everyone enhances what they have.

You must just try to discover what works for you. Our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers all had their beauty secrets, and you saw that they mostly had beautiful skin and lovely hair.

Today, I will be sharing a few beauty secrets with you and most of them won’t cost you anything.

Before anything can work, you must as a woman learn always to be well postured. \i mean you do not have to slouch. You must always carry yourself well. –whether you are walking or sitting down, your back must be straight, shoulders straight and stomach always tucked in. Every woman must always be posture conscious.

So once that is in place, you must work on all you have. Your hair must never be tacky or dirty. Make sure that your hair is clean and you always have a style that suits your face.

Now , every woman must learn to take care of her body first of all we all know that the body must be clean at all times, and that everyone must indulge in the use of a deodorant.

The real care your body needs is exercise. I do not think that there is anyone who really genuinely loves to exercise but everybody needs exercise to keep fit. Many women confuse work and exercise.

Most of the time, work is stress, but exercise is consistent and continuous activity or movement that increases the rates of ones heart beat and the flow of blood to the heart.  You can burn your calories through exercise.

Now when it comes to the skin, I believe no woman should compromise. You must know what works for the skin. I hear that generally, and fruit that is good for eating is good for feeding the skin.

So just like you feed the stomach, you must feed the skin. Paw-paw, avocado pear, honey, oatmeal , Milk, Palmoil, Shea butter, Pure Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, etc are very good for the skin. You can just smooth over the skin, and leave it for a while and wash off.

Every woman must know that steam is very good for the skin. It moisturizes the skin, and opens up the skin pores so that the skin can glow. A steam bath is a major part of the beauty therapy in most spas, and beauty clinics. It soften the skin, so that whatever you use on the skin after the steam therapy works well.

For those who do not go to the spa or a beauty clinic, you can have the table top facial sauna at home, or you can boil water in a bowl, and cover your head over it with a towel ( you know the old fashioned remedy our mothers has for a cold). No matter how you do it, getting the steam on the skin is what matter. You should learn to steam, exfoliate and massage your skin. The truth? You really do not need me to be telling you this. All the information you need on how to treat your skin is available on the internet.

Every woman must cultivate the habit of reading and browsing. We are living at the greatest time in all history. A time where all information is readily available. All you have to do is get on the internet. So many experienced cosmetic surgeons and beauticians volunteer all these information on the internet.

You must just search for the information and discover what works for you. My advise though is that natural nourishment is the best for the skin.

When you have taken care of your posture, your hair and your skin, the next thing you must pay attention to is your dress sense. Do you know that these days, dressing up beautifully does not have to be expensive.

You must know how to shop right. If you are making your clothes, with trial and error or through what others say, you will discover a good tailor or dressmaker, and if you must buy ready made, if you shop round, you can get good bargains.

The most important thing is that you understand you figure and your complexion.

That way, you know what colours and what styles suit your person. Anything you do or wear must enhance what you have, and it must spell and smell class.

Finally, no matter what you do, drink plenty of water and eat right. Water is very good for your system and for your skin. Make sure that your food is giving you the nutrients that you need. If you have access to goat milk and soya milk, I am told they are better than cow milk . Best of luck.