June 11, 2009

Bulkcem vows not to resuscitate Nigercem under Elechi

By  Dennis Agbo

ABAKALIKI—CORE investor in the moribund Nigeria’s premier cement industry, Nigercem, the Eastern Bulkcem Company Limited (EBCL) has foreclosed any possibility of revitalising  the factory in the nearest future, until Governor of Ebonyi state Martin Elechi  vacates the Abakaliki office of the factory.

Managing Director of EBCL, Vincent Nehikhare stated in an interview that Governor Elechi was the obstacle to the resuscitation of Nigercem, alleging that the Governor among other shadow persons want to buy over Nigercem hence had resorted to blackmailing EBCL to achieve their target.

The EBCL boss noted that if the Ebonyi Governor does not rescind his decision and withdraw hired militias from the premises of Nigercem, hope of resuming cement production in the factory would remain a mirage.

Nehikhare recounted that EBCL had started renovation work at Nigercem, preparatory for SIMONA, a Chinese firm it said was on their way to Nkalagu for the rehabilitation of one out of the six production lines and subsequent building of a new dry process plant, when Governor Elechi overran the premises with hired thugs that prevented EBCL staff from entrance into the factory.