June 14, 2009

BGL predicts sustainable bullish run, unveils Project Active Listener

By Peter Egwuatu
BGL Securities Limited  has predicted that the recent bullish run in the stock market would be sustained provided certain factors continue to manifest , including strong corporate results from quoted entities especially the banks.

The company also revealed that it has introduced a new product termed ‘Project Active Listener’ as part of its initiative to remain close to its clients that are scattered within and outside the country.

In an interview with a cross section of capital market correspondents in Lagos, weekend, Managing Director/CEO, BGL Securities Limited, Mr. Cornelius E. Oboh revealed what motivated the company to embark on the Project Active Listener, saying” BGL Securities Limited is a pace setter in the Nigerian capital market. We have built a solid brand that is defined by our core values which include being “ Close by”. We have established our closeness to our clients and our market by delivering personalized service to our satisfied customers over time. It is also part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to give the general public the platform to access expert advice on issues in the Nigerian capital marker free of charge.”

While explaining what ‘Project Active Listener’ is all about, he said, “ It is an initiative of BGL Securities through which the general public can reach a professional capital market analyst with active phone lines and an online interface on our website. It would provide the public with an avenue to express their misgivings (considering the extant market upheaval) and secure valuable investment advice on how to mitigate the impact that the upheaval in the stock market might have had on them personally. Modalities have been put in place for the training of dedicated staff for the project and the deployment of infrastructure required. The lines would be active for the working hours of to 6pm and the service is absolutely free.”

On the structure the company has in place to meet the needs of investors from both within and outside the country, Oboh said, “ BGL Securities is well positioned to meet the needs of the investing public. With the aid of cutting edge technology, we have put in place the infrastructure to handle a high volume of traffic both on the phone lines and online interface via our website. We have also recently expanded our operational base with an aggressive branch expansion strategy which has brought BGL closer to the public in over 27 locations. Our diaspora desk is also well equipped to handle the needs of investors outside on Nigeria.”