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APM Terminals breaks productivity record

APM Terminals Apapa Limited, operator of the Container Terminal in Apapa, Lagos has set another safety record: the company’s operation now boasts of more than two hundred days without a lost_time injury among its over 800 employees.

The new record of over 4,800 hours without a lost_time injury set last Thursday eclipses the old mark of 2, 880 hours set at the end of the first quarter of this year. The safety record is a reflection of the success of an innovative, incentive_based safety program initiated by APM Terminals over three years ago when it took over operations of the Apapa Container Terminal.

The main components of the safety programme include the involvement of all employees in the awareness and correction of problems and rewards for success.

Accordingly, when employees in any division see something amiss, whether it’s a loose screw or an employee not wearing reflective jackets, they report it to the a senior officer. The situation is immediately addressed by correcting the problem or by individual counseling.

The reward for not having lost_time injuries was a branded wrist watch for every employee at the terminal last month. Earlier when the no lost_time injury was 100 days, employees were given cakes to commemorate the event.
APMT’s safety records have been applauded by key operators in Nigeria’s maritime sector.

“The safety of our personnel will always be paramount in our operational considerations”, Managing Director of APM Terminals Apapa, Martin Dirks stated; adding that “the importance of our company goal of eliminating workplace accidents and instituting terminal working procedures’ “Best Practices” to assure safety throughout the terminal cannot be over-emphasised”.

APM Terminals has adopted a “Safety for Life” program to aggressively and continuously improve safety practices throughout its Global Terminal Network. Safety education, training, drills and rigorous measurement are designed to bring focus, awareness and positive results to this effort.

Meanwhile, a new operation record has been set at the terminal. Last week, APM Terminals’ personnel at Apapa performed 2,249 moves in 47.3 hours working the 2,890 TEU MAERSK PEMBROKE, setting a new terminal record of 47.26 Moves per Hour (MPH).

The MAERSK PEMBROKE was the 14th consecutive vessel to have been worked at the Nigerian facility with productivity exceeding 30 MPHs, and the third vessel over the past two weeks in which productivity has surpassed 40 MPHs.

“Less than one year ago a vessel this size would have taken six days to complete” noted APM Terminals Apapa Operations Director, Doug Smith.New training programs in addition to yard improvements and the deployment of new equipment have all contributed to the turnaround in Nigeria’s busiest container terminal.


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