June 14, 2009

ADVAN reiterates resolve to work with NPAN if….

By  Princewill Ekwujuru
Advertising Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) newly elected executives have said it is ready to  work in collaboration with the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN), where there is clear case of improvement  in the ability to improve content.

Mr. Idonrenyen Enang, the newly elected President disclosed at the 13th AGM and awards night of the association titled, Vision 2020: The role of the advertiser: where he said that ADVAN and member companies are striving to work constructively with the Nigeria media to improve the professional level of commercial communication in the advertising industry.

He stated that part of the professionalism ADAVN  expects in the print Advertising  industry is a stable development of media rates that enables advertisers to plan their budget accordingly.

He pointed out that among the things expected are the ability of the newspapers to reach target groups, improve content, improved quality of delivery of the content and better compliance to media schedules.

He noted that specific measurable, ambitious, realistic and time bound targets on compliance to media schedule will be agreed with media partners in the standing committees with Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), the Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria (OAAN) and the print media.
He said to achieve the desired stability in the development of media rates, adjustments upwards (if any) should be maximized to the range of general economic inflation in the country.

Enang requested that ADVAN be notified for advice fr a minimum of three months before the proposed implementation of any rate adjustment. He further noted every such adjustment proposal will be evaluated by the association against the policy resulting in specific advice to its members,  he advised.

Further, he stated that ADVAN views the vision 2020 as envisioned by government as a well thought out development initiatives that outline in numerical details , the challenges and road maps for Nigeria economic and socio- political road maps; he averred that the ingredients for Nigeria advancement and sustainable developments, as marketers, “we totally align ourselves with the vision   and commit to a greater participation, if privileged to do so, he stressed.

In the same vein, the association said it views the on-going re-branding Nigeria agenda of the government as a step in the right direction, if planned and implemented faithfully.

The president stated that Nigeria is indeed in dire need of positive representation which should be driven by the nation’s internal strength and due acknowledgment of her challenges, he observed.