June 13, 2009

2010: Ogbeche tips Eagles to beat Tunisia

By Eddie Akalonu
After the 3-0 defeat of Kenya in Abuja, former Eagles forward, Bathlomew Ogbeche believes the team is
on course to pick the group’s ticket over Tunisia.

Football - Republic of Ireland v Nigeria International Friendly

Football - Republic of Ireland v Nigeria International Friendly - Craven Cottage, London - 29/5/09..Republic of Ireland's Stephen Hunt Photo via Newscom

“Because we are going away, I will say that we have great chances. We have what it takes to win and I think with much humility we can repeat the same feat against Kenya in Tunis. I think we will come back with  the points at stake and  smiles on our faces, but no match is won before it is played.  We have to keep on working hard and be focused,” he said  in Lagos.

Does he want a call up now? And  is he fit enough to join the campaign at this stage?, he was asked.
“ I am looking forward to coming back. I have always looked forward to it anyway, but you have to be invited before you come back. I think for almost three years now, I have been out but I have been keeping in touch with the game and I am looking forward to coming back.”

On what he thinks of the team now, Ogbeche said, “We are on track. What I think we are not doing is underrating any team and I think we have learnt from the past. After the game against  France, that was a big boost,  we came back home to play Kenya and we never underrated them and the result speaks for it self.

I will say we are on the right part. We should keep on being humble. Unity needs to be our watch word and with the same strength, passion and spirit, I think we will make it to South Africa 2010.”

After the 2002 Nations Cup and  World Cup,  Ogbeche faded out of the scene after falling to injury. The coaches never called him back to the team.

“I have no injuries now and that is so important for any player and I look forward to coming back. Like I said earlier on, I cannot invite myself. The team are doing great, my managers are doing well and I think I just need to keep on working hard like I have been doing. If things keep on going well like this, I remain positive that I would be called back into the national team.  It all depends on the coach .”