June 20, 2009

‘Why Oyinlola is always resolving conflicts’

GOVERNOR Olagunsoye Oyinlola of Osun State has always been involved in resolving intractable disputes without attaching any strings and motives, his chief press secretary, Mr Lasisi Olagunju, has disclosed.

Reacting to what he described as “some cynical comments” by some people on Oyinlola’s resolution of some  high profile conflicts involving prominent Nigerians, Olagunju said in an interview that conflict resolution is just natural and innate to the governor.

He said making peace and promoting co-existence among the people is an attribute Oyinlola inherited from his late father, an Oba, who is remembered till today with the panegyric-Odundun a so’ludero-meaning one who makes his community live peacefully.

“Prince Oyinlola did not just wake up today to acquire these qualities of peace making.

Those who know about his growing up have spoken about his being a rallying point to his peers whenever there were crises.

He was always the one to bring warring parties together to see reason and bury hatchets.”