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FG pensioners also need bail out

ONE of the challenges facing Nigeria as a nation is that she is a country of laws but not under the law. We have very laudable policies and laws, without the political will to implement the policies and enforce the laws. A media report has revealed that the Federal Government has not been remitting the
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Why employment crisis persists- NECA DG

The question we should be asking ourselves is, why are we not getting it right? We are not getting results because we are not doing the right things. Let me repeat myself again, we are looking for a microwave solution to a problem that requires a far more robust and fundamental approach. The first thing we must realise as a country is that employment comes from meaningful inclusive and consistent growth. Now when you look at the state of our economy particularly, in the last three to four years, we have not really posted meaningful growth. Even in time past, when Nigeria was posting an average of 6 percent and 7.5 percent Gross Domestic Product, GDP growth rate, it did not result into meaningful employment. That was why I said earlier that what we require is sustainable and inclusive growth.

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