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Tip of a New Dawn

To be in Nigeria but not of Nigeria

It will be difficult for anyone in 2019 to campaign on the basis of ethnicity alone; Nigerians are a bit wiser this time

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Big Brother Nigeria: What happened to civic engagement?

The Big Brother Nigeria finale brought the entire country together, with public institutions, from state governments to banks, offering rewards and encouragement to different candidates for various reasons, based on their state of origin or popularity. Communities mobilised to make sure their members voted for particular candidates, using various tools to campaign and convince others to lend their support.

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Senate vs EFCC: Who is witch-hunting whom?

The EFCC in an incriminating report sent to the President alleges that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and some of his aides and associates, of which his Deputy Chief of Staff, Gbenga Makanjuola, ex-Managing Director of Heritage Bank, Robert Mbonu and other companies, allegedly assisted the Senate President, already on trial for alleged false declaration of assets, in laundering or embezzling as much as N19 billion in refunds from the Paris club loans which should have gone to state governments that made excess payments.

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Ibrahim Magu: Nigerians wait

MY article: “Who’s afraid of Ibrahim Magu”, published after the Senate’s first refusal to confirm the acting Chairman of the EFCC, is available on Vanguard’s website. Not much has changed. He is a thorn in the side of the guilty and all those who would watch every single Nigerian commit suicide out of anger, frustration and utter depression.

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