U.S. pledges support to end terror attacks in Nigeria

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Addis Ababa – The United States Government has pledged to support Nigeria in the fight against terrorism and insurgency within the coming days, Secretary of State, John Kerry had announced in Ethiopia.

Kerry made the announcement while briefing newsmen on Friday in Addis Ababa as part of his activities during a three-day visit to some African countries including Ethiopia.

The visit, which would take him to Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is to discuss the security and political situation in parts of the continent, with special focus on the violence in South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

He said that the consistent attacks on civilian population, mainly women and children in some part of Nigeria was alarming, and pledged that the U.S had concluded plans to assist in arresting the situation.

Kerry, who did not give further details, however challenged African leaders on the need to deliver good governance, peaceful transitions and provide security to the people in order to deepen democracy.

The U.S. Secretary of State had earlier held a meeting with the African Union Commission delegation led by the commission’s Deputy Chairperson, Eratus Mwencha on the merger of the US-AU High Level Dialogue.

Kerry, during the dialogue pledged U S support to help Africa address the security challenges facing many countries but urged the leadership to provide governance desirable to their people.

He also urged the Commission to step up effort in addressing issues of security and peace in countries like South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Kerry said, while Africa was recording enormous growth, with some eight countries among the fastest growing economies in the world, the continent was still faced with the challenge of a growing young population needing education and engagement.

The U.S. official also noted that the challenges of extremism in some countries was threatening to make them failed states.

According to him, there are many nations who risk going into broad base violence, unless adequate measures are taken to address such security situations.

He, however, said the U.S was willing to support and work with the AU to resolve some of the violence erupting in parts of the continent including South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Nigeria.

The U.S. Secretary of State assured that the Obama administration is ready to promote trade and other bilateral relations with the continent.

Mwencha had earlier expressed concern over the violence in some parts of Africa and urged the U.S. to collaborate and give more support to address the situation.

He is expected to meet with the East Africa Regional leaders on the situation in South Sudan before leaving Ethiopia.(NAN)

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