Train chops off passenger’s hand in Lagos

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LAGOS — Tragedy struck in Lagos, yesterday, when a passenger hanging on a train coach had his hand chopped off by the moving train.

According to eye witnesses, the incident occurred at Oshodi around 9 a.m. when the victim, who was simply identified as Ernest, allegedly fell from the moving train which had a hitch in movement.

An eye witness, Mr Olu Atoyebi, said Ernest fell from the moving train while his hand was stuck in between  the coaches resulting to the hand being chopped off.

His shout for help was said to have attracted sympathisers who rushed to the scene to offer assistance. Ernest who was said to be conscious at that time, asked the sympathisers to reach out for his phone and invite his relations to take him to the hospital.

Atoyebi blamed the victim for the tragedy, saying there have been campaigns by the government against such act.

‘’The government had been campaigning against hanging on the coach but many passengers are adamant and they will have themselves to blame in case of eventuality,’’ he said.

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