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    Frequently Confused Words


    Instruction: Choose the appropriate word from the alternatives in the parenthesis

    1. Provision of (portable/potable) water is the responsibility of a good government.

    2. I have a (portable/potable) TV.

    3. A company car is one of the various (prerequisites/perquisites) offered by the firm.

    4. A credit pass in English Language is an essential (prerequisite/perquisites) for university admission.

    5. Members of an academy are (academicians/academics); teachers in a university or tertiary institution are (academicians/academics).

    6. The life (circle/cycle) of a butterfly can be divided into four stages.

    7.    I do not have a motor (circle/cycle).

    8.    Nigeria has passed through the (circle/cycle) of economic booms and slumps.

    9.    He has a large circle of friends.

    10.    Otunba Mike Adenuga is well known in business (circles/cycles).

    11.    ‘To go round in (circles/cycles’) is to work at a task without making any progress.

    12.    One problem leads to another and this makes the original problem worse; it is a vicious (circle/cycle).

    13.    The doctor was careful in operating the patient to avoid the (rupture/fracture) of a blood vessel.

    14.    He suffered from a (ruptured/fractured) appendix.

    15.    While Dodonzo was playing football on the field, he had a (fracture/rupture) of the leg.

    16.    Old people’s bones are more prone to (fracture/rupture) than young people’s bones.


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