Is It Beyond Pardon?

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Would you marry for money or sex?

Yes, I’m a lady in my early 30s, I have no job nor a place I could call my own today. I wasn’t able to complete my education because of some financial constraints and this, terribly affected my growth in life. Though I have been involved in petty trading lately, it has not impacted meaningful in my life.

My fiancee is HIV positive, should I go on with the wedding?

Janet and I have being courting for almost nine months now. We dated for about two years before we started making plans for marriage. And in those two years and nine months, we made love like every other couple without protection. We started attending this marriage counseling class at my fiancée’s renowned church and we were told to know our HIV status, Janet did hers before I even thought of mine.

Would you forgive a married lover who lied he is not?

I know that this is partly my fault for loving him wrongly and blindly. How could I have thought that he was honest when most men tell lies at a drop of a pin? Why should l believe a man who claimed he is squatting with his friend, yet none of his clothes are in the friends place? A man that won’t allow me visit his friend’s place except he is there. A man who leaves the room whenever he wants to pick a call?

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