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Nigeria: Actions that curb hostilities, improve food security

By Marie-Therese Nanlong Jos – Nigeria has been plagued by decades-long violent conflicts which threaten national cohesion. Conflicts in politics, religion, ethnicity, and culture have exacerbated leading to the loss of lives, property, and means of livelihood.Farming and mining communities have not been spared as emerging issues of criminality, kidnappings, and cultism threaten food production, […]

Nutrition Security and economic development in Somalia

By Marie-Therese Nanlong Jos – A food-secured and economically viable country is one whose citizens are nourished and empowered to create wealth. In Africa, wealth creation is majorly from agriculture although efforts have been intensified to develop other equally important sectors like intra-Africa trade and others. Even in Somalia which is having security and climate […]

How violent conflicts erode agro-food systems: The Somalia experience

By Marie-Therese Nanlong  Jos – Somalia means many things to many people; some link her to extremism, adverse climate and economic conditions, starvation, poverty and, a weak government. The phobia may be real but a closer look reveals a blessed country with resilient people, a rich culture, nice cuisines, and untapped natural resources yearning to […]

How stakeholders tackle Nigeria’s food crisis, malnutrition

By Marie-Therese Nanlong Jos – In a remote community of Miango, Bassa local government area of Plateau State, North-Central Nigeria, 28 years old mother of four, Rebecca Auta, was anxious about their next meal. She had given her kids kunu (a local juice) for breakfast, and the leftover tuwo and kuka (baobab seed) soup from […]

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