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Adebayo makes history as first performance painter @ INAC

ADEBAYO Ebenezar Seun brought something special, refreshing and innovative to the 2023 International Arts and Crafts Expo, INAC. For the first time in the history of INAC, the audience was entertained to what the artists called performance art. He came on stage with a blank canvas, oil paints, and instantly painted a portrait of Otunba Runsewe in two minutes! That feat sent electric waves of excitement across the audience.

Bolaji Ajayi unveils origins of ‘Akiti The Hunter’

Bolaji Ajayi, the creative genius behind the thrilling African action superhero series “Akiti The Hunter,” has revealed the inspiration and motivation behind the creation of the captivating literature.

29 countries, 16 states, 20 NGOs arrive Abuja for 2023 INAC

So far, 29 countries, 16 states and about 20 NGOs have taken positions at Abuja Intercontinental Hotel (formerly Abuja Sheraton Hotel) for the 2023 annual International Arts & Crafts Expo, INAC, which began today, Thursday, September 7, 2023.

Connection between diligence and focus

Diligence in life cannot be attained without being focused, and to achieve same, consistency, persistence and remaining focused must be imbibed as a lifestyle.

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