There is so much the police can do tackling under-aged sex

By Bunmi Sofola JOKE, a secondary school teacher married to James for close to 19 years tried not to raise her three children the way she’d been raised.  “My father was very authoritarian and we were all in awe of him He was such a bully that mum dared not cross him.  Prospective girlfriends and […]
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A gentleman is never afraid to ask a woman what turns her on!

By Bunmi Sofola No matter how athletic, young and good looking, a lot of men have confessed they don’t really know what to do with that panting woman in their arms.  Playing on the ‘you win some, you lose some’ rule, they just play by the ear, leaving their supposed conquests wondering what hit them.  […]

He gave his friend’s fiance a mind-blowing wedding gift!

A group of us were having this heated conversation about how fickle men really were and how ready they always were to have a fling whenever the opportunity presented itself, no matter how serious their current relationship was.  Phil disagreed but was reluctant to discuss details in front of so many listeners.  So I cornered […]

Women who believe white wine makes them do crazy things!

By Bunmi Sofola It was an exclusive 50th birthday party that boasted the best foods on the menu down to exotic canapé and choice wine and champagne.  However, by the time desert was served, Veronica, 36, had changed from the polite, friendly lady who had initially charmed other guests, into an insulting and aggressive loud […]

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