President Bola Tinubu’s petrol subsidy trouble, By Rotimi Fasan

When President Bola Ahmed Tinubu loudly proclaimed the end of the petrol subsidy regime in the Nigerian oil sector in his inaugural address, he probably didn’t anticipate the kind of reception he has been treated to by the leadership of Nigerian workers. The removal of oil subsidy has for many months now been a hot […]
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As the baton changes…

By Muyiwa Adetiba On Inauguration Day, the rains came early, preceded by gutsy winds in many parts of Lagos. The optimistic would call them showers of blessings. The pessimistic would however, read ominous signs to the early morning downpour. According to folk lore, rains signify birth. They signify renewal. They signify cleansing. Many people would […]

How Tinubu can escape Buhari’s first booby trap

By Emmanuel Aziken It’s an irony that the fortunes of the Nigerian petroleum industry were at the worst under the longest serving minister of petroleum in the country’s history, Muhammadu Buhari. Even more astounding is the fact that the last eight-year spell was not Buhari’s first time as minister of petroleum, having occupied that portfolio […]

Jagaban has grabbed the bulls by the horns

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo Some said he went off script. They said the script said ‘end of June’. They argued he should have consulted with labour unions and worked out the cushions before pulling the subsidy rug off the feet of the masses. But it seems Jagaban has not come to play. He wobbled a […]

Life is fragile; handle yours with care

By Francis Ewherido In the last one week, I heard of some deaths that made me to be circumspect. Two of the people died as a result of overindulgence. We always joke that “something must kill a man” and laugh over it. But I also grew up to hear my mother say that “the stick […]

Ginger Forcha’s Wrinkar experience

By Emeka Obasi The puzzle behind the name Wrinkar Experience, the pop band that popped up in the early 1970s, pumped life into the entertainment industry and pulled out in less than two years is over. Ginger Emmanuel Kamdem Forcha told me the story. Forcha is a Cameroonian, from the French-speaking part but spent good […]

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