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End of an era, by Muyiwa Adetiba

An eclipse is hardly sudden. The entities inch slowly towards each other over time until one overshadows, or eclipses the other. The signs of an impending eclipse are there for the observant or the gazers. One loses its size and its lustre while the other gains ascendancy in stature and brightness. So it is with […]

The Problem With The Nigerian Diet & How To Fix It

By Tochi Okafor A few years ago, I began my study into nutrition. As someone who educates on fitness, I realised quickly that nutrition is the most significant component.  I dedicated time into taking courses and reading lots of books and research papers. Some of my favourite resources are Harvard health & Stanford Online. Nigeria […]

One year of Tinubu, by Azu Ishiekwene

IT wasn’t five months after President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took office when folks started asking, how far? In middle class and elite social circles in Nigeria, that question, or its variant – how market? – is often reserved for people whose sympathy for a cause or person is imperiled. I often pushed back by saying that […]

One year under Tinubu…by Adekunle Adekoya

TIME flies. Does time really fly? Whichever, next Wednesday will mark the first anniversary of the Tinubu presidency. May 29, 2023, was a day many Nigerians will not forget in a hurry. It was on that day that flimsy fabrics holding economic strands together was brutally rent asunder by a proclamation that we are all now familiar […]

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