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Perspectives on OBJ’s ‘drilling’ of Iseyin monarchs 

In this report, Vanguard’s Law & Human Rights examines two separate video clips on how former President Olusegun Obasanjo publicly ‘drilled’ more than a dozen Iseyin monarchs at a state function in Oyo State last Friday over what he called breach of protocol and harvests perspectives of Nigerians, particularly lawyers, on what appears a clash between the Yoruba tradition and the constitutional protocol on the one hand and the evolution of traditional rulership from pre-colonial era till date on the other hand. The report infers that stakeholders desire urgent review of the 1999 Constitution to allow for preservation of traditional institution in Nigeria.
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Our expectations from judiciary, executive under new govt

In this report, Vanguard’s Law and  Human Rights recaptures the mood of Nigerians together with their expectations when Maj.-Gen Muhammadu Buhari took over the mantle of leadership on May 29, 2015; examines the state of the judiciary arm of government at the time, the stakeholders’ expectations and how the administration of the gap-toothed General addressed them even as it surveys lawyers on the way forward regarding the relationship between the executive and the judiciary under the new government of President Bola Tinubu.

Police vs Kuti: Persecution in prosecution

The unexpected happened last week, even from those who are expected to know. Without mincing words, Nigerians rose up in condemnation of the action of Afrobeat star, Seun Kuti, for assaulting a police officer in uniform, although the nature of his duty has not been ascertained till date.

What I know about Prince Bola Ajibola, SAN — Prof Awa Kalu, SAN

Quite a number of persons— colleagues, friends, family members and associates — have since the demise of Prince Bola Ajibola (formerly Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, erstwhile Judge of the International Court of Justice  at The Hague, renowned International Arbitrator, Pan Nigeran etc.) have called me to commiserate with me personally on account of the departure of a man who shaped my views on several issues such as religion, faith, steadfastness, diligence at work, doggedness as well as far sightedness. 

How judges, lawyers, plotted ‘coup’ against  virtual court system in Nigeria

As technology gradually permeates the legal industry, many countries of the world are gradually moving away from the traditional physical court hearings to adopt virtual court proceedings where all relevant parties to a legal case appear over one or more video conferencing or phone lines instead of appearing in person, for multiple benefits.

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