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She earns better would you marry her?

With Florence Amagiya

I have been out of the University for ten years without a job. Getting a job became a big deal in those years. Every advertisement I saw on the papers demanded for five years working experience.

How could l have had five years working experience without actually working? So l continued the search until l found a job as a clerical staff in an establishment of sort.

I took it even though the pay could not take me home. They say ‘a beggar doesn’t have a choice’. I couldn’t say no to the salary when I didn’t have a better deal elsewhere.

I have worked for six years and just got my promotion to the position of a supervisor in the same company.

Meanwhile, I have continued to see my sweetheart, Jessica from the University. She finished service and got a good job in a Bank and as it is she is already earning more than I have ever earned…

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No big deal!

Churchil Okorotete, Producer

Earnings are not good reasons for marriage. I will marry a lady not because she earns more or less but because I love her and see a future with her. Marriage because of earnings is devoid of true love and understanding. What happens when the earning drops or stops?

For the sake Of love…

Obycrux, Artiste

I will marry a woman for one reason and the reason would be that l love her and wish to spend the rest of my whole life with her! I don’t think what she earns matter. So far it doesn’t get to her head. In life there is space for growth and today is not what matters but the future. And in future, anything can happen.

No problem with that

Morientez, Artiste

Most men think marrying women who earn less means they are superior. Between you and your wife there should be no competition because she is not your rival.

Love should be your bed rock instead and together you can build all you wish to build. And in life what is truly constant is change. The table can turn. So there is no big deal if she earns more.

If She is Submissive…

IT’s L.G, Artiste

If she is the kind of woman I have always prayed for. A woman of substance and integrity who doesn’t allow her earning beclouds her. A submissive wife who loves and knows that l am her husband. Then l will tie the knot no matter what.

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