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Is size an issue in love?

With Florence Amagiya

Mary has been having telephone conversation with Jason who lives in the States. Although she hasn’t met him in person, she knew she liked him. She has heard wonderful things about him through her best friend who just moved abroad.

They spoke for long hours and sometimes she sends her photographs to him via email. He didn’t send his photographs to her any day and this didn’t bother her.

This went on for about two years. Meanwhile Jason went on to propose marriage to her and of course she accepted knowing she was in love.

The engagement formality was arranged and he came home for it and the subsequent wedding, but the wedding was called off because Mary refused to do anything with Jason because of his size.

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No way!


Having a beautiful and slim exterior is okay, but that’s not the only thing to look for before a relationship could work.

Love, trust and character ought to be considered because they are fundamental to good relationship. I won’t go into a relationship only because the man is slim or fat.

I will go into a relationship because the man is my kind of person even if he is on the big side; we can have a future together. Big size can be worked on.

Love and bonding, best…


Ego Omalicha, Artiste

I think what matters most in a relationship is the connection or the bond between the two people involved.

The greatest seduction is not physical but psychological because lust has an expiry date. So no matter how sexy and pretty a girl or a guy is eventually it will end and they will get tired and start having issues.

We should focus more on substance and forget the shafts.


 Size no big deal!

Sandra Esi, Ex- corps member

Personally speaking, size is of no consequence in a successful relationship, but l would prefer a man to be slimmer than l am because l am on the big side. That way l shall complement him in size.

Good communication ok


Ginikan Maureen, Actress

What should be important in a relationship should not be the size of the person, but the character of the person.

You can be fat or slim doesn’t mean you will remain that way forever. I think the best we should do is to focus on good character, good communication and the person. Every other thing will fade later.


Personality more important

Yetunde omo badan, Artiste

The person we are able to stay with should be important and not the size of the person. A fat woman can shed her weight and a slim girl can become fat.

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