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He hid his sterility for four years, would you remain in the marriage?

By Florence Amagiya
Anne and Ben met for the first time in church. As a worker in one of the contemporary churches in the country, she knew that she stood a good chance of finding the man of her dreams in the right ‘fold’, which she believed the church was.

It was in one of the conventions that while she was working hard to ensure its smooth running, someone bumped into her blindly. Irritated at this ‘accident’, she angrily looked at the face of the blind one who was disrupting her work and for a second, she lost her breath.

It was a magical moment when she found herself staring right into the eyes of a strikingly handsome guy who bent over and almost got to his knees, apologizing for the mishap. Fortunately, that moment didn’t end there– they had their first date two weeks after and so did the wedding nuptials come six months later.

Ben seemed to be the best thing that had happened to Anne, for he wasn’t only endowed physically, his bank account was wonderfully endowed as well and he surely did not fail to spoil her, as much as he could.

Sadly, four years after their fairy tale wedding, Anne had to combat with the woes of being a childless wife. Of course, she was the one who Ben’s family did not hesitate to heap the blame upon, as they taunted him for marrying a ‘man’.

In it all, it irked Anne to know that Ben didn’t even have the guts to stand up for her and defend her in the presence of his people, all he does is to comfort her with words like, ‘God will answer our prayers’.

Sick and tired of the reproach, Anne then gave in to the pressure and insisted on them seeking medical help. As soon a she mentioned the issue of going for a medical test to ascertain the cause of their childless state, Ben’s demeanor suddenly changed and he warned her against such a thought saying that it was against his belief system.

After a while, he finally confessed to her that he was impotent: he had been married before and that marriage did not see the light of day because he couldn’t impregnate his wife.

Dazed, Anne is wondering what to do…

Annie Macaulay

Story written by Ogechi Ohaegbulam

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Yes, if we are in love

Annie Macaulay, Actress

If I am married to a man who is impotent and he is aware of it, but didn’t let me on the secret, then it is selfishness on his part. I will consider two things before taking my decisions. First and foremost, l will consider if l am still in love with him and if he loves me also. If we are still good together then we can adopt children. Children are not reasons for marriage they are only added blessings.

No way!

Angela Okorie

If I am still in love with my husband then I will bear it with him. God in His infinite grace will show us mercies by restoring his potency. When we pray, believe and continue walking in love. God works in mysterious ways.

Olivier Gilbert

The marriage is over!

Olivia Gilbert, Actress

In as much as I don’t support divorce because marriage according to the Bible is for better and for worst. This situation is not the kind l will be patient with. First and foremost, he lied to me from the start and l just found out that his kind of impotency is incurable.  I can never trust him again for keeping me in the dark and l also need my own children.

Walk away

Chidinma Moughalu, Actress

I will simply walk away, the happiness in marriage lies in your kids. I cannot stay in a marriage without my blood children. Adoption will not be considered when l know l am alright, besides, he is a liar and I cannot trust him no more.

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