By Emmanuel Aziken

With the church in Nigeria mourning the gruesome murder of more than 40 persons inside the St Francis Catholic Church, Owo, it was shocking that one of the more prominent figures in the Nigerian church would use the period to ventilate his devotion to filthy lucre.

However, Father Ejike Mbaka’s inclination to money is legendary. He is known for embracing folks even election cheats who come with money to him.

So, his recent outburst against Mr Peter Obi was no surprise. Remarkably, it was not the first time he would shame Obi for not giving him money.

In December 2018 with the 2019 elections close at hand, Mbaka had raised the tempo of activities at his Enugu Adoration Ground base. Politicians of all hues, Christians and Muslims were flocking around him in quest for spiritual momentum to overcome the electoral challenges that they faced.

The Catholic bazaar of 2018 was as such an opportune time for Mbaka’s fund raising activities.

Among those invited for the December 3, 2018 bazaar were President Muhammadu Buhari who was represented by Senator Hope Uzodimma, Mr Peter Obi among many others.

At that occasion Mbaka had publicly ridiculed Obi asking him to make a public donation to the ministry. Obi stubbornly refused insisting that whatever he did would be done privately.

Indeed, his preference at that time was in line with the Bible which says that if you do a charitable act that your left hand should not know what your right hand is doing.

Mbaka, the man of God, however, rejected that biblical injunction and physically shamed Obi warning that he would not win the election.

Uzodimma who was at that time governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, however, proceeded to support the kola he brought with N2 million on behalf of Buhari.

Whether Buhari sent him or not was not easily adduced. An excited Mbaka was  moved by the donation to proclaim that Uzodimma would be the next governor of Imo State.

After the election it seemed as if Mbaka’s prophecy was improbable as Uzodimma came a distant fourth in the election.

Mbaka was, however, unwavering at the beginning of the year as he declared that Hope would become governor in the year 2020.

His assertion was immediately tackled by officials of the Imo State Government and by some other religious leaders.

“Those who are attacking the message are just casting Pearl before swine, Holy Spirit has said it, and that is final.

“I don’t know how it will happen, but the only thing is that I see HOPE, joy, and a new government coming in Imo State.

“Even though Ihedioha has won in tribunal and Appeal Court, that doesn’t mean he will triumph in Supreme Court. Enough of all this brouhaha!

“What we’re doing in adoration here is spiritual, it is not according to our power, it is Holy Spirit. Once he revealed it, we say it.

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, behold the once improbable thought of Uzodimma becoming governor came to reality as the man who ranked fourth in the election was lifted above all by the Supreme Court.

As the bible tells us that the words of a true prophet surely would come to pass.

Does that mean that Mbaka is a true prophet?

That is an argument that is out there with critics saying that by their fruits you shall know them. Mbaka’s main fruit which is money is apparently not enchanting for the righteous. Money seems to have become his main motif in ministry.

Speaking during that December 3, 2018 harvest of the generosity of some Southeast governors, he said:

“Umahi donated 1,000 bags of rice and 1,000 tubers of yam to us, but it meant nothing to me until he handed N10 million cheque to me and promised to build a project for the ministry. This is the type of gesture we require from Obi.”

It is salutary that Ambassador Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu without calling Mbaka by name fittingly replied the cleric noting how Obi saved $3,800 dollars from a suit and passed it on to her charity. Bianca then went on to name those who benefited from that quiet gesture that nobody knew of apart from her and her late husband.

Whereas many priests have cultivated followership and sparked spiritual and social revival through liberation theology, it is sickening that Father Mbaka has stuck to his brand of stomach infrastructure.

Again as to the question whether Mbaka is truly a Man of God, it is only God that can pronounce yes or no. But He has given us signs to watch out for in pronouncing his prophets. One of those signs is not the fact that they perform miracles or prophesy. It is by the fruit they produce.

Meanwhile, the gist out there is that after his extraordinary spiritual proclamations ahead of Uzodimma’s Supreme Court achievement that Mbaka and the governor are no longer talking. Some have now questioned as to whether all the prophesies he made were not dictated by money to give a kind of spiritual shadow to the extraordinary Supreme Court judgment?

The likes of Mbaka exist everywhere in other religions with people being manipulated by clerics for what they can get out of them. The only way out is to know the truth and that truth sets anyone that comes to God free.


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