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Electoral reforms without end in Nigeria, By Tonnie Iredia

Only last Sunday, this column engaged its readers in the search for an elephant in the room ofpolice reforms in Nigeria. The engagement turned out to be quite intriguing with many readers querying the imagination of anelephant in just a room, while urging me to disclosethe exact location of the elephant. In truth, iwas only […]
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Nigeria’s unending communication of the deaf, By Tonnie Iredia

Successive governments in Nigeria, both federal and state, have over the years continuously reminded me of my amiable late Uncle Ajayi from whom I originally assimilated the rudiments of communication. Each time I tried to report on any assignment Uncle Ajayi gave me as a young chap, he effortlessly frustrated me by responding with so […]

If JAMB score and age cheats were politicians…, By Tonnie Iredia

In 2019 alone, findings revealed among others, the cases of Kingsley Unekwe who manipulated his score from 201 to 269; Adah Eche whose original score was falsely lifted from 153 to 290 and Cletus Kokowa who allegedly paid the sum of N10,00 to a syndicate to raise his score from 162 to 206.

Nigeria’s governance cost: Can Alex Otti help? By Tonnie Iredia

Since 1999 when democracy was restored in Nigeria, we have witnessed stunted growth and dwindling fame. It is certainly time for citizens to get tired of leaders who do same things over and over again while expecting different results. Interestingly, our leaders are not exactly as incompetent as their performance often show; rather, they are basically greedy.

Election petitions can strengthen democracy, By Tonnie Iredia

Some 3 weeks to the swearing-in of the winners of the last general elections in Nigeria, the Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan argued that the country’s electoral system ought to be reviewed to bring to an end the practice which allows another round of contest after winners of an election had been […]

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