A breakup or divorce, according to experts, can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences in life.

Tonto Dikeh with hubby Olakunle Churchill

Whether one wanted it or not, it’s believed that the breakup of a relationship can turn one’s whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions. And this is not far from what Tonto Dikeh is currently experiencing.

The actress’s latest ranting on social media remains a clear indication that she has not totally overcome the pain, disruption, and uncertainty associated with her failed marriage.

Tonto Dike rejects prayers to be reunited with ex-husband

Tonto’s sad story today was the crashing of her marriage. From the outset, the marriage was built on accusation and counter-accusation. And Nigerians were not surprised, when it finally crashed like a pack of cards in 2017. Since then, both parties have not stopped trading blames over the crashing of their marriage.

Tonto’s estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill once described their crashed marriage as “plagued by several frivolous claims of falsity, ranging from domestic violence to false allegations.” Just as Tonto herself said she regretted her marriage that produced a child, King Andrea Omodayo Igo.

However, two years after the break up, the ranting has continued. And Tonto’s latest onslaught of rage is buzzing on social media. For days now, the daring actress has been receiving “vile comments and messages” from aggrieved fans and followers on social media following her recent chat with radio presenter, Daddy Freeze, where she vowed to continue to fight dirty with her ex-husband and father of her son, because “there’s no shame.”

She revealed that the longest sex she ever had with her ex-husband lasted for a minute because he was infected with a sexually related disease.

In a video that has since gone viral on the internet, the actress said most actresses marry ‘Yahoo’ boys (Internet fraudsters) in a desperate search for love only to realize their mistake afterward.

Tonto Dikeh’s ex replies after Tonto rejected a fan’s prayer for their reconciliation

She said, “This is the thing most of our actresses go through but nobody says anything. We get so lonely and when we need somebody to hold onto, we get into the wrong hands. Half of us have married ‘Yahoo’ boys. Most of them are just walking away because it is too shameful for them but I have no shame; I will talk because I don’t have any shame in my life. I don’t because if this man is arrested tomorrow, they will link him to me because I was once married to him.”

*Tonto Dikeh and her son

The actress, however, claimed she was the one who paid for the wedding ceremony with her husband in 2015. She said even the hotel rooms booked for the wedding were paid for by one of her male friends.

“I’m doing this because my son’s father has been pricking and pushing me to do irrational things online that couldn’t be me; because of the things he is doing behind the scenes. He’s been granting interviews every two weeks; it’s either a TV interview, print or radio station interview, all about me. He has nothing else to talk about but all about me. All he says are all lies and allegations that I’m here to clear. I’m not going to go down history as the liar, no,” Tonto said.

Meanwhile, disturbed with her frequent ranting, popular Nollywood actress and politician, Funke Adesiyan took to Instagram to shade Tonto Dikeh on why she finds it difficult to move on after the crashing of her marriage. She wrote: “Some partners are toxic. Their toxicity will destroy you, your core and existence. May God not let us fall victim of ‘oloriburuku’ partners. Disgrace to womanhood. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for her to move on.”

In a sharp rebuttal, Tonto Dikeh vowed assault on Funke while also cautioning her to stop throwing shades if she cannot own up to it. “Funke, please say this to my face when you see me. Keep up this same energy too. I will break your mouth, I promise. Don’t subscribe if you are not bold enough to tag me,” she fumed.

Tonto’s threat certainly did not get at Funke as she replied with a strong worded statement in which she said the Rivers State-born actress was depressed.

“I want to believe you don’t mean it when you said you will break my face. I weigh 110kg of solid body muscle, darling. I have a black belt in taekwondo, ask around. However, I don’t fight unnecessary people; I pick my fights and ignore little people, that’s why you’re not hearing my name here and there. I’ll tell you what I think of you; you are a depressed woman who hangs unto every straw of attention to remain relevant.

True relevance comes only when you stop seeking validation from people. You say you don’t care about what people think of you, but it’s a big, fat lie. You do care. That is the reason you grant countless interviews about your ex. My dear, there is so much you can become without the shadow of your ex. Break free and abound. The future is so big,” she said. . But Tonto would not give up the fight as she returned fire for fire. Also, Bobrisky in defence of his friend, blurted out at Funke Adesiyan, while also body-shaming her and promising to beat her up.

Adesiyan is not alone. Other celebrities and fans have joined forces to caution the raging actress. But Tonto would not give up the fight as she returned fire for fire.

Actor IK Ogbonna incurred Tonto’s wrath after he advised the actress to consider her son before releasing certain details on social media. “Think about your son and how this fallout will affect him because I am a no hold back kind of sister. It will be bad because I have always wanted to talk since you sued that girl but I just calm down. On my case, I will sue you back and demand for your butt x-ray. Don’t play with me IK. And IK, don’t ever mention my son again,” she warned the actor.

Tonto Dikeh

Also, she shunned comedian Funnybone who advised her to move on with her life. “ Die this topic and move on Tonto. You are overstretching, your son will grow up some day and be embarrassed by all these. It’s been two years naa. Let this man rest and move on,” Funnybone advised.

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A follower on Instagram, faachalugo96, advised Tonto to stop talking about her failed marriage and let things slide.” Learn from your mistakes and act like non of this ever happened…You claim to be born again but when I watch a clip of the interview or whatever it was, I could see hate, pain, anger boiling inside of you. No matter what happened just let it go for God’s sake!! Stop talking!!! Stop it already!! God is love!! Spread the love and terminate the hate..Only God,you and Churchill know the real truth..we are just fans. We don’t really care much,stop telling us it’s not worth it! You are embarrassing this family, and yourself too…,”the Instagram follower wrote.

Another follower, henryspy1 called Tonto a sick girl. “I stop following you immediately. You failed the younger generation. What can one learn from your lifestyle? You divorced your husband, next thing you sold the car he gave you. Sick girl, show me one home that is successful. You don’t bring your home to social media,” he wrote.

Dr. Churchill Olakunle and ex-wife, Tonto Dike

Tonto’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill appears not to be disturbed by the raging storm as he ignored to respond to his ex-wife’s fresh allegations. He simply posted a picture of himself with a simple caption: “Grace, I’m grateful.” Interestingly, several celebrities including Ruggedman, Terry G, Yomi Casual among others have been sympathizing with Tonto’s ex… In any case, it’s time for Tonto Dikeh to put her past behind her and move on with a renewed sense of hope and optimism.


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