MY article: “Who’s afraid of Ibrahim Magu”, published after the Senate’s first refusal to confirm the acting Chairman of the EFCC, is available on Vanguard’s website. Not much has changed. He is a thorn in the side of the guilty and all those who would watch every single Nigerian commit suicide out of anger, frustration and utter depression.

Ibrahim Magu

What is happening to the Presidency? How could the Department of State Service (DSS) have authored two contradictory reports on Magu on the same day and why was it the one condemning him that the Senate chose to pay attention to?

Mr. Magu is right to say “the two reports emanating from the same agency raise questions of sincerity and motive”. Will Nigeria continue to be the victim of the machinations and power-play of the different cabals? Nigerians await not just the President’s response but the decisive actions to tackle the sabotage. This is war.


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