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Taxation and representation in a dog-eat-dog society

By Tabia Princewill FIFTH columnists manipulate conversations around government policies and misdirect the conversation. Assuredly, criticizing government is every citizen’s right. Yet, criticism in Nigeria sometimes turns into misguided resistance led by sections of the population who benefit from opacity and chaos, people who refuse reforms because they run counter to their personal interest: without […]
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The unspoken public health challenge: Depression, suicide and Nigeria’s declining standard of living

OUR economic discourse obsessively tracks GDP figures but fails to analyse the standard of living in real terms. Similarly, we pay very little attention to the average Nigerian’s emotional wellbeing in a system where it is virtually impossible to achieve anything without a high level of resources or connections. We talk about attracting foreign direct investment but fail to analyse why it doesn’t seem to have an impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Can outsiders make it into politics?

I recently saw a documentary exploring the rise of Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (a 28 year old congresswoman) as well as other candidates who ran for Senate or House of Representatives positions during the 2018 United States elections.

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