By Qasim  Akinreti

The award given to Muslim students was done to assist young Nigerian Muslims aspiring to further their education to the pinnacle of their chosen career and ultimately enhanced man power development in all spheres of human endeavours.

According to the chairman of CAMON, Alhaji Abdul Razaq Adelabu , research conducted by the late Vice Chairman of CAMON, Professor Rauf Sobulo, show s that in three universities in the southwest – university of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo and University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, less than 5 per cent of total lecturers are Muslims.   In a report   both late Professors Sobulo and Abdul Fatai Giwa submitted to CAMON,” in university of Ibadan in the faculty of science, there is one Muslim lecturer in the chemistry department, one each in physics, agronomy and agric biology. But none in animal science. This pattern existed in the faculty of social sciences. There are at least 15 to 20 lecturers in these departments. In the faculty of medicine out of about 150 professors, only one is a Muslim. In chemistry department of more than 10 professors, none is a Muslim. The pattern is the same in the other two universities.”

Alhaji Abdul Razaq Adelabu while handing over the cheques called on wealthy Muslims to support the laudable project of the organisation. He quoted a Chinese proverb,” If you are planning for a year sew a rice, if you are planning for a decade plat trees, if you are planning for a life educate people”, to wrap up his clarion call on Muslim generally on the need to give education utmost priority.

Aside from the post graduate scholarship, another major concern of the group is how to address the problems facing Muslim youths. Accordingly, a committee comprising of Alhaji Alarape Busari, Honourable Justice Bola Babalakin, Alhaji M.B.Oki, Alhaji Abdur Razaq Adelabu and Alhaja M.O.Ashiru identified the need for higher education.

By the last count, over 77 Muslims have been given scholarship to study in various discipline ranging from humanities, social sciences and sciences.   Out of these numbers, 40 have bagged PhDs. In 2013 academic year 8 more Muslims were given scholarship including the writer of this piece, who is currently studying for a PhD in Media studies at the Babcock University. To the glory of Allah, in 2014, one of recipient Dr Muhiheeb Salaam is serving as a Technical Aid Corp staff in one of the African countries, under the Technical Aid Corps Scheme of the Federal Government.

Dr Basirat Dikko got a PhD from University of Lagos in Guidance and Counselling and Dr Abdul Lateef Owoade, a lecturer in Common and Islamic Law , University of Ilorin had his PhD degree in Common and Islamic Law from the University of Ilorin.

The huge investment in human capital by CAMON, among Islamic organisations has made it a different species among litany of Islamic groups in Nigeria. Hence, the two decades of its celebration should be seen by all as a clarion call for more investment in capital development of Muslims in Nigeria. As part of efforts to make this unique success, CAMON has set aside Saturday 7th February, 2015to launch a 20 million naira appeal fund. According to reliable source, the Oyo state government under the leadership of Governor Isaiq Ajimobi has promised to attend the occasion. His attendance at the event despite his tight electioneering campaign for the 2015 election is quite instructive. Expected at the occasion to give overwhelming spiritual diet to all is the amiable and erudite Islamic preacher Sheik Muhideen Bello. The Former Military Governor of Lagos State Raji Rasaki is the Chief Launcher at the event.

As the celebration continues, every Muslims must ensure that he contributes his own quota to the growth of scholarship in Nigeria.

Qasim Akinreti, is a Phd student at Babcock University and Manager, News Voice of Nigeria.




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