I have always said it! This matter is too complicated. The evil Boko guys want to use these innocent girls as bargaining chips or human shields so the army cannot use force against them,” said Sandra this Monday morning as the commuter bus moved slowly through the usual Monday morning traffic along the Wharf – Mile 2 road as another commuter raised the issue of President Jonathan’s last minute cancellation of his proposed visit to Chibok at the weekend.


“We must admit that Mr. President got it wrong this time. Haba! What kind of advisers does he have? They are just making a mockery of the man. Just when everyone was heaving a sigh of relief that he finally came around to visiting Chibok, at the dying minute, he made a U-turn,” lamented Moses.

“The man no wan die now! On a more serious note, it must have been security report that made him change his mind. He could not have cancelled the trip just like that,” said Pat.

Answered Dave: “Yes, I think the security forces advised him to shelve the visit which I think was in order. He does not want to commit suicide because these Boko guys will ensure they kill him even if they lose hundreds of their members in the process. Remember he is their main target. They want to put paid to his 2015 ambition and return power to the North.”

“But as Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, he should have gone, not minding the consequences. After all, the Chibok people are also his children. Haven’t you heard of a mother going into a raging fire to rescue her child damning the consequences?” asked Moses.

“You said mother and child ba? This is President and citizen,” stated Sandra.

Said Moses: “Honestly, this is enough reason to vote him out come 2015.”

“I don’t have a problem with voting him out but my problem is: who is going to replace him? The opposition as far as I am concerned, has no credible candidate so what do we do?” asked Sandra.

Replied Moses: “Is Fashola not credible? I think he is the only one that can do the job creditably going by what he is doing in Lagos.”

“I agree with you but Nigeria is not Lagos ooo! Moreover, he will not get his party’s presidential ticket. The best he can get is the VP slot and we all know that the office of the VP practically has no powers,” said Sandra.

“I heard it’s going to be Buhari/Fashola ticket which I think will be very viable,” said Pat.

“Ah! Moslem-Moslem ticket? That will be most unwise of them. That is a sure recipe for failure in today’s Nigeria,” said Nikky.

“But we had Moslem-Moslem ticket during Abiola’s time and people voted massively for them,” said Dave.

“Of course! It was a peculiar situation. Nigerians wanted to get out of the clutches of the Evil Genius himself, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida; so anything was better than what they had at the time,” said Pat.

Said Nikky: “The opposition should be wise. The North wants power to return to them and you are advocating bringing in Fashola, a Southerner as president? Not on your life! It won’t happen. The best thing is for them to present a Northern Moslem/Southern Christian ticket.”

“In that case, we still have a very long way to go,” said Dave.

Said Mercy who had been quiet all along: “You people talk as if you are not in Nigeria. We all know that we are fond of cosmetic treatment of issues instead of attacking the disease from the root, we treat the symptoms. So you find politicians jumping from one party to another. In one party, they are thieves and once they jump to another party, they become progressives.

Can a leopard change its spots? The fact that one changes name does not mean his character has changed. A Nigerian politician is a Nigerian politician any day, any time no matter what name he bears or what party he belongs to”.



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