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High interest rates drive up investments in Mutual Funds

monetary policy reform and increased participation of Nigerians in the diversification of their income stream have boosted investment in the Mutual Funds with the Net Asset Value, NAV, rising by 40.2%  in the seven  months ended July 2023.
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Buhari, Osinbajo, way to go!

This is the way to go! Buhari has indeed shown leadership by example. To cut his salary by half no be small thing oo!” commented Henry in the Obalende-bound commuter bus. “Yes, I hope others will follow suit. I praise him for his courage and kindness. It’s his love for Nigerians that must have made him do that,” said Taiwo.

Buhari: So far, so …

“No mind them. They think they are still in the opposition. They have the power now, we want to see their campaign promises being fulfilled,” said Rita. “Please cut the man some slack. To be honest, President Buhari has tried considering the rot he met on ground,” said Ade. “Oh really? Tried you say? In real life or in your dreams? All I have seen in the past 30 days are complaints, rash decisions which the media persons are left to deny. It’s been a one man show.

Governors’ inability to pay salaries

These governors are funny. For goodness sake, if you can’t do your job as a governor, resign!” said Tim this Tuesday morning in the Apapa-bound bus. “Sharing of oil money has made many of them so lazy, they can’t even think of how to generate funds to run their states.”

The change we need

The change we seek must start and end with us. We always look for change from outside, that is not the way to go,” said Ify, a commuter in the Tin-Can-bound commuter vehicle. “Don’t expect President Muhammadu Buhari and his team to perform magic,” said Bola. “Ah, we expect nothing less oo. After all, they made all the promises with their eyes wide open. Nobody forced them to make promises they knew would be very difficult to fulfil; so since they have made promises, they have to fulfil them,” said Fred.

Remove fuel subsidy now!

‘’I think the first duty of the incoming administration should be to remove fuel subsidy. Enough of the thrash. For how long shall a few people continue to hold us by the jugular?” asked Jude in the CMS-bound bus. Transport fare has hit the roof due to fuel scarcity. “That will be starting on a wrong footing. Labour will not allow it,” said Lucky.

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