‘I HAVE no doubt anymore that we have people in the armed forces who are loyal to the Boko Haram insurgents and are sabotaging the nation’s efforts at curtailing their outrageous activities,” said Tony this wet Tuesday morning as the debate on whether the government should yield to the demands of the insurgents to exchange the girls for their members being held in various prisons by the government raged.

Na today? It is a well known fact. Remember the President alluded to that some time ago when he said his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram members?” quipped Nike.

“Didn’t you hear that some of the arms and ammunition they use were from our armed forces? How did they get them and yet, we say they are more equipped than our military,” asked Amaka.

“It stands to reason that Boko Haram members in the military hierarchy were the saboteurs, supplying arms to them and sending soldiers under them to certain death,” said Joe.

“Pure wickedness! Nemesis will catch up with them. I wonder why the soldiers in Maimalari Barracks did not succeed in killing their General Officer Commanding, GOC, who, as far as I’m concerned, was bent on sacrificing them to Boko Haram,” said Tony.

“I heard that was even the third mutiny since the guy was sent there in February,” noted Nike.

Hmm, and the ogas at the top still left him there until the third mutiny before they removed him and replaced him with another officer. The soldiers have also mutinied against the new boss,” said Amaka.

Village close to Chibok

“Of course! Why wouldn’t they? They complained about their pay and the fact that they are not well equipped to go into battle so they had no other option than to protest. One of them even told BBC that they watched while a village close to Chibok was being attacked but their commander asked them not to repel the attack as an aircraft hovering over the village was there to attack the insurgents. But of course, nothing happened until they accomplished their mission, leaving about 300 people dead. He said he was heart-broken,” said Joe.

“I am still pondering over the conspiracy theory – the US angle. Some people are of the opinion that the US is fuelling the crisis because it is afraid of Nigeria’s growing influence in Africa. They want to pitch the Moslems against the Christians so as to start a religious war and fragment Nigeria to their advantage.”

Abeg forget that. So the US trained Osama Bin Laden to split the US? I don’t think so. I think it is just the last days we are witnessing,” countered Amaka.

“The mode of operation of the guys has changed. Now they cart away food items and valuables after raiding a village. Seems their sponsors are no longer giving them enough or that some of their sources have dried up so they are hungry now,” noted Tony.

Replied Nike: “I doubt if those ones are Boko Haram insurgents. Some evil-minded people will hide under the cloak of Boko Haram to perpetrate evil.They are the ones. Remember Chibok girls? After taking the girls, they carted away their food stuff before setting some of the buildings ablaze,” said Tony.

“I think government should yield to their demands so these girls can be freed. As trained security and intelligence agents, they should know how to handle the issue,” said Nike.





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