‘HOW could these people feel comfortable going about their normal businesses with this fire raging on the mountain? It’s like a man whose house is on fire but he is busy chasing rats. I mean it’s not done!

They will all be consumed sooner than later. What kind of conscience will allow you to go for one useless political rally after witnessing the horrendous explosions that killed many and the abduction of innocent girls from their hostels?” asked Charles rhetorically, referring to the PDP rally in Kano.    

“This is the height of insensitivity. No be even better rally, just to welcome some turncoats without any ideology; people who are simply led by their stomachs,” hissed Nnamdi.

“Don’t forget that the rally must have been planned months before the bombing and abduction of school girls took place…” said Jane.

“So what? Was it cast in steel that it could not be postponed?” sneered Charles. “This simply goes to show you how much value they place on our lives.”

“Yeah, even the Kano State governor alluded to that. He was really pissed off by that insensitivity of the PDP people,” said Ken.

“Oh really! I beg you, just forget these people. They are all the same! Are they not all Nigerian politicians?

The only difference between them is the difference between six and half a dozen! If he was different from the PDP guys, why did they organise their own rally immediately the PDP left? They quickly went to the same venue to sweep out the footprints of the opposition. If you are really in pains over the bombings and abductions, would you do such a thing?“ asked Jane.

She continued: “Remember the Kano Motor Park bombing and the Yobe massacre? Didn’t Kwankwaso and co carry out their rallies? They are all the same as far as I am concerned. No one cares for anyone. You are on your own.”


Responsible parents

“The parents of those girls need their heads examined. How could responsible parents allow their children to go to a boarding house to write an exam? This is not the first time such is happening and the Borno State Government had closed down all the schools, yet when the principal invited them for the exams, they allowed their wards to go.

I just pray the poor girls were not raped because if that happened, then we will have a generation of scarred women and of course, it will affect the nation negatively,” said Ben.

“Don’t be too hard on the parents. The children must have been at home for a very long time and they must have become restless. They meant well for the children. No parent would want to see his child sitting idly at home and allowing life to pass him or her by as it were. They wanted them to move on,” said Ken.

“And look at where it got them. Which is better now, allowing the children to sit idly at home or be abducted? After all, it is said that na condition make crayfish bend not that it had planned to take on that shape. They should have let things be for now or if they had money, they could have sent them to more peaceful states to continue their education,” said Nnamdi.

”Life is all about risks. They simply took a risk,” insisted Ken. “The worst now is that no one seems to know the exact number of girls missing. From 100 to 129, 190, 200 to 234? But where were the security operatives? These guys operated from 9.00pm to 3.00am unobstructed!,” observed Jane.

“I think the 129 were just the science students while Arts students were over 100. I heard they had finished their exams earlier so why didnt they go home? Anyway, since schools were shut down, may be they had just a few mai-guards with bows/ arrows so what could they do against over-armed Boko boys? Nothing!!” said Ben.



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