IT was a beautiful Saturday morning in the CMS-bound vehicle; a man was vigorously trying to market a book on dreams and interpretation. “Buy this book and deliver yourself from the clutches of Satan.  Stop running from pillar to post when you have a nightmare. You can interpret your dreams by yourself and say the relevant prayers to cancel bad dreams.

It is very dangerous not to be able to do so. If you see yourself flying in a dream or being chased by masquerades, it means you have witchcraft spirit; if you swim, it means you have marine spirit, if you eat in the dream, it’s really dangerous because that is how some people come down with dangerous sicknesses like cancer, HIV, diabetes, etc.”

“Hmmm, na waoh! Oga, I don’t believe that for a second. You can sell your book but stop deceiving people,” Nick said, clearly incensed by what the book seller was saying. “In this modern age?” asked John, irritated. “Ah, Oga, don’t say so. These things happen oo,” replied Ade. “Really? Has it happened to you or someone you know?” asked Nick. Replied Ade: “No. But I have heard stories of people that it has happened to.”

“Old wives’ tales! That’s why we are where we are today. People have dreams for various reasons. If you go to bed hungry, chances are that you will see yourself eating in the dream and you call that demon possession? Come on!” remonstrated Nick.

“Some dreams are as a result of malaria or typhoid fever. When you see yourself in a dream with President Obama as your steward when in real life, you can hardly afford one meal a day, then it’s time to treat malaria or typhoid,” said Abel jocularly. “We manufacture demons in Nigeria; demons that God doesn’t know about. Every evil is attributed to Satan even when it was created by our stupidity,” said Joy.

False prophets

“It’s this stupidity that will continue to put people in bondage. We listen to false prophets whose stock-in-trade is to misrepresent God and put people in bondage. Sometimes I wonder if the Christianity we practise here is the same Christianity being practised in other parts of the world. We make it  more difficult than God intended,” said John.

Narrated Mercy: “A pastor told of how he preached a message in which he tried to dismantle these falsehoods and set people free, a lady asked him to pray for her because she ate in her dream. He told her he too eats in his dream. The woman was shocked. He then explained to her that the Bible said it is what comes out of a man that defiles him and not what goes into him (Mark 7:20).

So don’t be deceived by these witch doctors pretending to be men of God. A widow said she needed deliverance because a man comes to sleep with her in her dreams. The pastor asked if she was truly born again and she said yes. He told her  that Jesus cannot watch the Devil taking advantage of his bride. So study the Bible for yourself and pray to God from the depths of your heart. Stop being deceived.”

“O God! I don enter one chance; which kin bad luck people be dis?” exclaimed the book seller, frustrated. “Na you be the one chance. How can you be feeding us trash? No wonder some cancer/diabetes patients will rather go to false prophets who further deceive them that their problem is caused by their mother of enemies, rather than go to a doctor,” said Ade.

Said Nick: “Ignorance is a big disease. The story was told of a professor who was on a canoe ride with some locals. Feeling very important, he asked the locals if they knew biology, physiology, criminology,  and all the ‘logies’ and they replied in the negative. The prof told them that they were like the living dead, that their lives had no meaning. Before he finished speaking, the canoe hit a hard object and began to capsize. One of the men asked the frightened prof.: “Do you know swimminology?” He said no and the guy said: “You are a dead dead not a living dead! You are really finished!”  The whole bus erupted in laughter.


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