Reports said that the soldiers who could have helped those innocent children at Federal Government College Buni Yadi, were called off a day before the attack. The question is: why and who gave the orders?” asked Tim.
“The whole thing is so complicated. We all agree that the armed forces have been infiltrated by these evil people, so it is possible that one of their high ranking members in the army could have given the order…,” suggested Ade.

Interjected Iyke: “Or could it be that the soldiers heard they were going to attack the area and fled because apparently, these guys are more equipped as suggested by the Borno governor? They fight only in the night, in convoys of brand new Hilux vehicles, so what do you think?”

“If you are familiar with that area, you will know that even if the victims had the opportunity of calling in soldiers, it will take at least two hours for them to drive from the barracks to the school, which would have given the rascals adequate time to do maximum damage,” explained Abu.

Continuing, he said: “The army barracks is very far from the place. What happens in that part of the country is that local government areas are created from farm settlements because they have huge landmass. So you may have a local government with just a handful of people and few buildings occupying a very large expanse of land… such places are very easy targets for criminals.”

“All this just to collect allocations from the federation account? You know, in Nigeria, the more local government areas you have, the more money your state gets from the Federal Government. The officials collect the money at the end of every month, share amongst themselves and wait for the next allocation,” said Tim.

“President Jonathan should order the army to go all out against these beasts,” stated Julia to which Florence responded: “The truth is that he cannot.”
Asked Julia: “What do you mean he cannot? Is he not the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces?”
“He hasn’t got it in him to shed blood. He is a civilian remember? Obasanjo was able to level Odi and Zaki Biam because of his military background,” replied Florence.

“Oh really? Then why is he the C-in C? George W. Bush is a civilian, yet, he sent troops out to fight the Taliban.  In fact, I remember what he said when he sent troops to Afghanistan: ‘On my orders, the United States military has begun strikes against Al Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan,’” said Julia.

“Bush had military training. They are all given military training one way or the other unlike African leaders. Heard that he was at the Vietnam War in 1968,” replied Florence.

“Someone had said that some of these Boko Haram guys are soldiers from Chad and Niger Republic. If you’ve noticed, there is relative peace in those two countries now because the guys are actively engaged in Nigeria. So I think our government should employ the late Col. Ghaddafi’s tactics… cause some confusion in the two countries and they will run back home to fight,” submitted Tim.

“I will say it again, our government should get outside forces involved in this battle if they are serious. The US did not fight the Taliban alone,” said Ade.




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