‘Did you read the interview of an ex-Boko Haram member named Nasir Isiaku? He said they used to kill Christians because they believe that by killing them, they will enter heaven at death? Their leaders told them the Quran said they should kill their enemies – Christians.

He said their sponsors are wealthy Nigerians, some in government, and many are past leaders. Among them are governors and senators who sponsor them heavily. He even mentioned names but they were withheld. He said they have infiltrated the armed forces and those members help them a lot whenever they want to fight,” narrated lyke.

 “We still have a very long way to go. Imagine them telling the President to change his religion because they see him as inferior to them, so he is not fit to lead them. Imagine the insolence! Recently, one Sheikh Abdulkadir Ahmed called during a Radio Nigeria programme to say that the only thing that will stop Boko Haram and return peace to Nigeria is if only Northerners are allowed to contest the 2015 presidential election. I was flabbergasted,” said Tim.

Said Julia: “Yeah, I heard the story. He even went further to tell us who and who should contest on what platform: PDP – Alhaji Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso; APC -Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari; PDM – Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and VOP (Voice of the People) – Alhaji Sule Lamido.”

Right to contest elections

 “Oh, he is way behind the times. All these people have changed parties. So the Southerners no longer have any right to contest elections? I just dey laugh. They should not forget that no one has the monopoly of violence. If a Northerner becomes president in 2015, the Niger-Delta guys will unleash their own brand of terror on the nation so they better think well,” cautioned Ade.

Said Florence: “Gov. Babangida Aliyu of Niger State said recently that ‘the situation has gone beyond the normal pattern that we gave to Boko Haram and I think we need to really appreciate the gravity of the situation’. Just imagine that!”

“What? The pattern they gave Boko? Tell me you are kidding…” shouted Tim, mouth agape. “He said it. He was not misquoted at all,” insisted Florence.

Said Tim: “The implication is that they, the Northern governors and the elite, are the ones sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists and the relationship has kind of gone sour and the dogs are now attacking their owners…pay back time!”

Water don pass garri’. No wonder they are all condemning the terrorists now, right, left and centre. So it was okay for them to kill Southerners and Christians and moderate Moslems? Whatever a man sows, he will surely reap! The Bible was very clear on that,” said Ade.

“I don’t think that was what the man meant. I think it was a case of grammar not well constructed. No right thinking person would make such a statement. He may have been saying that the Boko guys have deviated from the pattern they were known to follow,” noted Julia. “He meant exactly what he said! It’s divine intervention. God is in the matter now and true confessions will continue to flow. First was the season of open letters and now this! Nigeria must be saved from all the vampires holding her by the jugular. The blood of all those innocent people murdered in cold blood is crying out for vengeance,” said Florence.

“I feel the Federal Government should engage the services of the international community. These guys are terrorists and not just armed robbers or kidnappers,” submitted Julia.

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