By Ebele Orakpo

Nigerian politicians have no principles at all,” stated Joe, a commuter in the Apapa-bound bus, matter-of-factly.

Ehn, wetin concern agbero with overload?” queried Ade.

“My people up north will say Ina ruwan angulu da kiso?

(What has the vulture got to do with hairdressing) or ‘Ina ruwan biri da gada?’ (What business has the monkey with a bridge)?” stated Audu.

“Sure. I like that. The politicians are the vultures and the monkeys while we are the hairdressers and bridges,” said Joe.

“Count me out in your monkey and bridge analysis…” protested Vic.

Ngozi cuts in: “We are all guilty. Don’t just blame the politicians. We have been too docile. An Igbo proverb says that the ‘ears that do not listen to advice, accompany the head when it is chopped off.’ We have refused to act, we are so busy playing the ethnic and religious cards so when this nation is destroyed by politicians, none of us will be spared.”
”True talk! You see, that’s one of the reasons I am in love with this country, the rich culture, the proverbs and wise sayings. Yet, we are standing by, looking helplessly as politicians destroy our land and us,” agreed Id.

“How many Republicans did you hear decamped to the Democratic Party in the US?” asked Ade to which Ngozi replied thus:

“How can you compare sleep and death? Those guys are principled; they have a plan for their people and they love their country. The country comes first for them but here, it is a different kettle of fish. Our politicians are only after their stomachs so don’t ever think they have your best interests at heart. The first question on their minds is always: ‘What’s in it for me?

“In saner climes, a vibrant opposition would have given the ruling party a run for their money but unfortunately, we’ve got no opposition.”

“Thank God for APC, they have come to liberate us,” enthused Nike.

Retorted Id: “Liberate you and who? You must be joking. They are a bunch of people who want to grab power from the ruling party by all means. They are fighting for themselves not for the ordinary Nigerian, so don’t be deceived.”

“I heard that Senator Bola Tinubu warned traders doing business in Lagos State that they would not be allowed to trade in the state if they do not have APC membership card. That will be the end of APC I swear,” said Audu.

“I read that story and it has no author so I believe it is all propaganda by the PDP,” noted Ade.

“Ok nah! We are watching,” said Joe.

“Please can someone tell me the difference between APC and PDP?” asked Id.

Replied Joe:No difference at all. One is half a dozen and the other is six. They are just out to grab power if not, why on earth would they welcome all the people they had labeled thieves, killers, corrupt etc. in PDP? So as soon as they crossed over to APC, they were born again, progressives, completely transformed? What has really changed? Absolutely nothing!”

Ah, something changed oo. They changed name and flag, just like our leaders thought that changing the Police uniform from black to blue would change their character. That did not happen. So forget the politicians, we must rise and take our destiny in our hands.

You sef, how can you put on black on black in the hot tropical sun? It’s suicidal. No wonder there were cases of accidental discharge then,” stated  Ngozi.

Narrated Nike: “An NGO promised that they will reward and honour any African head of state that leaves office clean with a certain amount of money but till date, they have found none since inauguration.  The average African leader will prefer to steal because he will get more than the NGO will give him.  The saying that ‘a good name is better than silver and gold’ is not for him.”

“Foul! Was Madiba not clean so why did he not get the award?” asked Joe.


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