‘These guys are becoming bolder and bolder by the day. The killings are getting out of hand,” commented Florence in the Apapa-bound commercial vehicle as the vehicle crawled slowly through the usual early morning traffic.

President Goodluck Jonathan and the ‘ghosts’ Boko Haram

“It makes me really sick. At the rate we are going, very soon, our leaders will have no one to lead but themselves,” said Julia, to which Tim responded sarcastically: “That is if they survive the onslaught. The Borno State Governor practically told the world that he is overwhelmed and that is the truth.”

“He said the Boko Haram guys are better equipped and motivated than the Nigerian soldiers. How did he know that? Is he in close contact with them?”asked Ade.

“He doesn’t have to be. He sees what goes on in his domain,” said Florence.

“I don’t think they are better equipped but the fact is that the soldiers are trying to be cautious. If they apply maximum force, there will be too many collateral damages and then the opposition and human rights activists will begin to scream blue murder as usual.

Remember some people said former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika should be prosecuted? These are indeed drastic times and call for drastic measures. The President should do the needful. He should be firm and damn the consequences. He is the Commander-in-Chief for crying out loud!” said Iyke angrily.

“Bros cool down. This is democracy and not autocracy, so he has to consult widely before taking any decision..,” stated Ade.

“Yes, I totally agree. But like I said, these are drastic times. Ever heard of veto power? Let him do something fast if they are still interested in ruling human beings,” insisted Iyke.

“He has called them for dialogue and they refused to come. One of their demands was that GEJ must convert to Islam! I don’t understand what he is waiting for to act. Smoke them out wherever they are and finish them up,” said Tim.

“It’s not that simple…” said Ade.

Camerounian friend

“A Cameroonian friend told me how their former President, Ahmadou Ahidjo, crushed Islamic fundamentalists in Cameroon. He sent out troops and bombarded their hiding places and destroyed them, with the cooperation of the people. Have you heard of any religious insurgency in Cameroon since then?” asked Julia.

“In this war, all hands must be on deck; it should not be left for the President and soldiers. The governors, National Assembly, state houses of assembly, local government chairmen, everyone must be involved. We must see them as a common enemy. Only then can we defeat them,” said Florence.

“Common enemy? You make me laugh. Some people recruited them and are sponsoring them. We may be pointing accusing fingers at the West but a complete stranger cannot successfully raid your home without assistance from an insider. The Igbos say that ‘it is the rat in the house that told the rat in the bush that there is fish in the kitchen.’ They would not be this successful if they do not have allies amongst the people,” said Iyke.

”Not all rats oo. These expatriate rats (Belgium rats) in Lagos don’t need any insider to tell them anything. They have very high IQ and know how to get into a wardrobe, eat up your skirts alone or your blouses so that the others become useless, and they wisely avoid all your traps. No weapon fashioned against them ever prospers,” said Iyke.

Äh, that one na witch, no be ordinary rat! They always manage to jump and pass over every trap laid down for them,” declared Ade. This caused some laughter.

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