By Ebele Orakpo

Shebi when some people say most of these crises in Nigeria are being championed by foreigners, we shout them down. I think they are being vindicated somehow,” said Jane this Tuesday evening as the commuter bus made its way through traffic on the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway occasioned by the weekly Aswani market.

“You mean the conspiracy theory?” asked Kaycee.

“Exactly!” replied Jane.

“Imagine making money from our country and using the same to fight us,” said an embittered Jane. “We should stop patronizing them, period!” said Abel.

“Yes, their offices have been sealed off,” said Kaycee. “Good, the government is using its head now,” noted Mike.

“But they denied having anything to do with the weapons,” noted Mercy.

Replied Mike: “Before nko? What did you expect? They should admit culpability? It’s not done!”

“They admitted it was not for Nigerians but for US and Israeli interests in Nigeria,” said Abel.

“And you believed them? They should tell that to the marines. Those things were meant to aid the Boko Haram guys in their fight against Nigeria. We are no fools,” said Jane.

“In fact, the governor of that state should be questioned. How could such a huge cache of arms and ammunition be found in his domain without his knowledge as the chief security officer of the state?” quipped Nike.

“He may know nothing about it,” Mercy rose in defence of the governor. “But if I may ask, how did they get into the country in the first place?”

“Our borders are so porous, some of those who are supposed to ensure that such illegal goods do not get into the country are so corrupt that once they are given money, they look the other way,” said Mike.

“I think it goes beyond that. I bet you with my 10 fingers that some powerful people are involved,” said Nike.

“But I don’t get it. Left to me, I would think that most of these bad guys are foreigners. How can Nigerians kill fellow Nigerians in cold blood?” asked Kaycee.

Answered Abel: “Most of them are Nigerians. A wicked person is a wicked person and he can perpetrate any evil. Haven’t you heard of children killing their parents or siblings not to talk of people of different tribes, especially when they colour it with religion? Those who swore to make the country ungovernable for GEJ have succeeded indeed.”

“Yes but the funny thing is that now that GEJ has woken up from slumber to not just bark but bite, certain people who had kept mute all the while, have suddenly found their voices. They are condemning the man left, right and centre,” noted Mercy.

“What is wrong with General Buhari? He is whining about Boko Haram members being killed. Why did he keep quiet when they were murdering innocent people in cold blood?” asked Jane.

“Just imagine the recent burning of innocent children in their dormitory in Yobe! That was the height of evil. Do these guys have blood flowing in their veins? I really doubt it. So anyone found aiding and abetting them should be severely dealt with,” said Mercy.

“GEJ should be a leader in word and in deed. Everybody must not like you but do the right thing and let posterity judge you. Use your veto power,” stated Nike.


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