By Ebele Orakpo

What’s with some people anyway?” hissed Joshua, a commuter in the Apapa-bound bus as the bus crawled through the usual maddening traffic. Another commuter, Tayo had made a scathing remark on President Goodluck Jonathan’s government being rudderless. “I get really pissed off when people criticize for criticism sake.”

“But is that not true? Is this government performing?” asked Ade.

Replied Joshua: “Look, I am not saying he is the messiah but please, for God’s sake, give the guy a break! He has achieved something no matter how little. I’ve not seen a president so insulted and abused like Jonathan.”

“E be like say PDP don settle you to trumpet their non-existent achievements,” said Ade to which Joshua said: “I don’t need to be paid. I have never met the man; I just hate people handing down unjust and unfair judgments. No single regard for the office he occupies. The truth is that as long as we don’t have a credible opposition, PDP will continue to rule.”

“Exactly! I see Jonathan returning as a result of their unintelligent and destructive criticisms,” agreed Joe.

“Impossible!” Pat exploded, “except they rig as usual.”

“Let’s watch and see. The opposition will bring it to pass all by themselves, if they keep going the way they are going. Their unintelligent and non-constructive criticisms will return the man to power,” said Joe.

“There’s a way you will criticize a man and he will gain the sympathy of even those who hate him. They are not attacking issues but the person of the president. I believe that for criticisms to be productive, they must be objective and constructive; not a situation where you see absolutely nothing good in whatever the man does. It makes nonsense of your criticisms,” said Joshua.

“I think if the so-called opposition means well for us as they claim, what stops them from teaming up with government to better the lot of Nigerians, especially in areas of security, power and education? They are all greedy and self-serving. Put them there and they will do worse,” said Ben who had been quiet all along.

Continuing, he said: “Imagine the opposition screaming blue murder when a state of emergency was declared in three states. How else did they want him to handle the situation? If they had a better option, why didn’t they come up with it? They had accused the man of doing nothing when those places burned and when he finally did something, they began to criticize him again. Haba!

“That’s human beings for you, selfish. But if the man can face one sector and achieve something tangible, people’s opinion will change, believe me,” said Bayo.

“When OBJ was there, he was seen as the devil and when Yar’Adua came, OBJ became a saint. Now, Yar’Adua is a saint compared to Jonathan. Jonathan will be a saint compared to the next president,” said Ben.


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