THE victory of Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige in the Anambra Central Senatorial re-run election was never a surprise to those who know his worth and what he has represented since he ventured into politics.

But to the few cynics in Anambra State Government House and their cohorts, it was a slap and affront, as all their well-hatched plots to nip in the bud  the people’s wish failed them at last.

From now, Ngige’s victory which is that of the people will continue to haunt the occupants of Anambra Government House for so long. This is because it has exposed their false claims over the years that they were on ground in the State.

It has exposed what really happened in the Feburary 6, 2010 governorship election in the State which outcome is still pending in the court.

As for Prof. Dora Akunyili, it was a great political mistake and miscalculation to have aligned with a government that thrives on false claims of bogus achievements on the pages of newspapers and political opportunism. She lost gallantly to a political giant.

The outcome of the general election has really shown that APGA is really Agulu Progressives Grand Alliance, not the dream APGA of Chief Chekwas Okorie that was for the liberation of Igboland and creating a political platform for them to negotiate for power like their counterpart in the South West.

After handing APGA tickets for senatorial seats and other elective seats to his Agulu sisters and brothers, the people of Anambra State waited for Governor Peter Obi and his cohorts at the polling booths and vented their anger on him.

It was unfortunate for Obi that Prof. Maurice Iwu is longer in-charge of INEC for easy compromising of voters register as was done on February 6, 2010 governorship election in the State. Obi should realise that the people’s action in the elections was a clear indication that they have lost confidence in him.

Even the President Goodluck Jonathan’s PDP umbrella could not save Governor Obi, Prof.  Akunyili, Victor Umeh and their cohorts.  Now the question is where is APGA in Anambra State and Igboland? It is now obvious that Agulu Progressives Grand Alliance is dead and buried, while we look forward for the revival and sustenance of the origin All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, of our people’s dream.

Before the re-run, Akunyili, Obi and Umeh were bragging that they will beat Ngige in the re-run. The state allegedly ensured that clothes, rice and other Greek gifts were hurriedly shared to the people within the affected wards and polling units where re-run took place. Government machineries were deployed, traditional rulers and their people were intimidated to do government’s wish.

The likes of Prof Elias Nnabuife and Prof. Charles Asimone who played vital and controversial roles in the alleged result mutilation and cancellation were again appointed by INEC in collaboration with the State government to do their biddings in the exercise, against the wishes of the people.Despite all this, the people knowing what they wanted, stood their ground and voted according to their conscience. Even putting Akunyili ahead with 625 votes before the re-run could not save her as Ngige’s political hurricane swept her and her cohorts off the zone.

With the outcome, Dr. Alex Anene, the initial Returning Officer has been vindicated and the likes of Akunyili, Obi and Umeh should tender unreserved apology to him, because he is the new hero of democracy today.

Anene’s action has shown that in the quest for materialism, especially in the State, there are still men of integrity in the society. For those who have threatened to take legal action against him for smearing their names, Nigerians are eagerly waiting for them, so that more exposition will be made. Anene’s vow to defend the result he announced initially showed that he is a man of honour. Between Akunyili, Anene and INEC, who should be blamed and vindicated?

Obviously the outcome of the re-run has passed a clear judgment of the role of every dramatis persona in the controversy that trailed the initial election in the district.

Ngige’s victory is a true manifestation of the people and God’s wish over the wish of a cabal that has been holding the State to ransom for years in the name of governance. It is obvious that Ngige phobia is hunting the State government, especially with the pending governorship case between the Governor Obi and Ngige which the outcome is still dicey and unpredictable.

Ngige came, saw and conquered. His administration in Anambra State as governor symbolised liberation and quality leadership, not only in the State, but in the entire Igbo land as he left a legacy that his successor has not been able to match over the years .

Unlike other politicians, Ngige spends most of his times in his village, Alor, not for any reason but to be in constant touch with his people. As a grassroot and astute politician, he knows his people’s problems and always handy to proffer solution. That is why he has remained a household name in  Igboland and beyond.

It was Ngige who made the people of the State to know that the State government can do much for the people. Before becoming governor in 2003, his initial aspiration was to become a senator, but he was prevailed upon to shelve his ambition for Senator Ikechukwu Abana, who later lost the seat to Senator Ben Obi.

Since he joined the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in 2007, he has remained there as a matter of principle, despite several offers to him from the ruling PDP. It is rare and takes more than a spirit of a man to resist such offers from the PDP, especially before the Anambra governorship election in 2010 when he was approached to fly the party’s flag before it was given to Prof. Charles Soludo.

Now that Ngige is going to the Senate, expectations are high and people have expressed confidence that he will deliver and represent them well. They believed that he has done it before and that he is going to do it again.

Generally, it is believed that he is not going to represent only Anambra Central, but the entire Igbo race, because of the quality he is made of and what he represents in the political circle.

Mr. KINGSLEY NNADOBEM, a public affairs analyst,wrote from Awka, Anambra State


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