By Bridget Amaraegbu (

The coolness of the office as Frank entered his boss’s palatial reception was a welcome development.
He had suffered the heat of the afternoon sun to get drinks and snacks from a nearby eatery for Mr. Bruno’s (his boss)‘new catch’. The secretary was not on seat as she had been sent home earlier to make room for this ‘new catch’. It was the ways of Mr. Bruno as he would say, ‘I don’t want no old babe sniffing around’

Although married with three beautiful kids, Mr. Bruno had the reputation for bedding anything in skirts. Nick named ‘anything goes’ for his unsavory taste for women, the afternoon would certainly not be different. As Frank entered his office unannounced, he met his oga half naked, with his under wear and trouser hanging between his legs. It was obvious both were so consumed in the business that they had forgotten to lock the door.

•Soul E

Confused Frank, tried to beat a retreat, but his clumsy move only compounded his situation as he stumbled and fell over the side stool in the office. As he struggled to get up, he came face to face with best friend’s wife as she tried to straighten up her rumpled skirt. The annoying thing was none of them showed any sign of embarrassment.

Moments later as he drove home, the picture of what happened in the office continued to play back. Should he tell his best friend about the incident or not?

Bridget Amaraegbu comes to the rescue. As usual, she has all the answers to Mr. Frank’s problems.

I will not but… Soul E —  Musician

No, I’ll not tell my friend about it. Instead, I’ll create an avenue for him to catch them red handed. That’s the much I can do if I love this my friend so much.

There is something about relationships that involve  man and woman. My friend may love his wife so much that he would not believe whatever I tell him. His wife may also deny the story and I’ll be left in the middle. So, what do I stand to gain for telling him? Absolutely nothing!

I’ll tell you a story about a man who caught his brother’s wife in another man’s bed and went home to tell his brother about it. What happened next? When the man called his wife’s attention, she denied the whole story and the man ganged up with his wife to fight his brother with allegations that his brother is bringing scandals to his marriage.

The woman also ganged up with her boyfriend to deal with the same man. So the man had to face a big challenge from two different angles-his brother and wife, then the brother’s wife and her boyfriend. And he was left in the middle with nobody to defend him. So, I wouldn’t like to be in this man’s shoes, just for opening my mouth to say something that is not really my business. If my friend’s wife decides to give out the food that was meant for her husband to the public, then that’s her headache. I’ll do my own beat by creating an avenue for my friend to meet my boss and his wife in bed. But if the scenario does not come up, then she’s free to go ahead with her illicit affairs. Who is sure that she doesn’t have other extra-marital affairs that we do not know about yet?

Am I going to be the one to  reveal her secret and break my friend’s marriage? No way! It’s possible that my friend has been bewitched by this lady and he believes whatever she says. So, how do I make him believe me? A man under the devil’s spell has been tuned to understand and believe only things from the one who hooked him there.

I’ll make sure that my friend gets to see them and when he does, he can then decide what to do with the woman. If he decides to divorce her, which I expect any man in his right senses to do, I don’t expect her to complain because she does not deserve him. She can go and fit in much better in the arena of mistresses which is where she truly belongs.

Some people would like to insinuate that poverty could lead her into such act but I disagree totally. If you cut your coat according to your size, you’ll not fall into such temptation. If your husband was earning N100 and begins to earn N50, then it is time to cut down on all expenses because if you don’t, be prepared to face the music.

In Africa, a man may decide to marry a second wife but the real African mama will always want to stick to one man, no matter what happens. I think it’s an abomination for such things to happen in the African setting. It means she has no value for her body. After this boss of ours, many other men will equally be allowed to come and have a piece of the cake and it continues like that.

I know that some men may not be able to hold back the temptation of not telling their friend if they find his wife in another man’s arms. Some may even go as far as giving her a dirty slap but  that is surely not the best thing to do. What if she fights back or have enough guts to kill you, even before you have an opportunity to report the matter to her husband (your friend)? What will you do? You would have wasted your life on something that is worth less. Too bad.

Don’t tell me that she’ll not go as far as wanting to kill because people can go to any length to cover their ills and that woman is not an exception, either.

Caution the lady — Leo Mezie, Actor

I’ll report to my friend but before I do that, I would have cautioned the wife. If I call this man my best friend, then I should be able to help watch over his wife, especially when we work in the same environment. What are friends for?

You want to know what I’ll do if my job is threatened for this reason? I’ll tell you. Definitely this boss of ours is not the owner of the company where we work and I don’t care if he is.  I’d be prepared to fight back with all the weapons I know if our boss threatens to sack me.

Won’t tell —  Anthony Nwabugo, Civil Servant

I won’t tell my friend about it because marriage is a very sacred institution which does not require any third party. God will not let me see my friend’s wife in such an act but if I eventually do, I’ll pretend I never saw them. I’ll never allow myself to be used as an instrument to destabilise any marriage because their sins will surely find them out, no matter how long they hide from the truth.

If my friend gets to know about it in future and decides to divorce her, good and fine. If not, she should ride until she’s okay. At least,  I’ll be very happy that I didn’t contribute to their separation.

Give her a dirty slap —  Ubong Justine, Businessman

My dear, if I notice that my friend’s wife is having an illicit affair with my boss, I’ll give her a dirty slap first before reporting to her husband. I don’t care if I lose my job afterwards. But I’ll make sure that my friend gets to know about it because if he was in my shoes and refused to tell me, I’ll kill him when I find out.  And if my friend doesn’t take any action, then I’ll know he’s been bewitched because no man in his right senses will have this knowledge and not take action.

Caution the lady — Dapo Johnson,

Abeg I no go tell my friend. What I’ll do is to caution    the lady and if she continues with such act, I’ll arrange a meeting with my friend where he can see them with his very eyes after I would have traced the lady and my boss thoroughly. I won’t even tell my friend the main reason why I’m taking him to the guesthouse or hotel where they meet.

Yes, there won’t be any need to start telling him that his wife is doing this or that because he may not believe me and may eventually gang up with his wife against me. For me taking him to see them in the act will be the best option.

Ask for my own share or…Biodun Samson —  Hair dresser

I won’t tell my friend. What I’ll do is very simple because if the lady is pretty, I’ll ask for my own share and if she refuses, I’ll threaten to tell my friend.

Consider the possibility of losing my job if my boss gets to know that I exposed them which I’m not ready to face. Two things will happen if I expose them. The first one is breaking their home, then losing my job. So, I’ll just threaten her to give me my own share which I know she’ll oblige to. Since she has decided to act stupid, I’ll help her do it very well.

Inform him at all cost — Klever Jay, Musician

Haba! I’ll tell my friend about it no matter what happens after because he’s my friend and deserves to trust my friendship. If I know about such a thing and do not inform him, that will mean stabbing him at the back which I don’t think is proper.

If that will end their marriage then that is the way they’ve been destined to separate because it is not normal for a married woman to start dishing out her husbands most precious food to outsiders.


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