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We must get the CONFAB modalities right

Remember that Ethiopia used to be a place where you find people who are malnourished, but now Ethiopia economy is one of the fastest growing economies because after so many years of fighting, they conveyed a national conference and they now have what is called ethnic federal system.

Constitution making is not one-man show

Since the early 1990s, Nigerians have been calling for a Sovereign National Conference, or some form of national discourse to deliberate on some knotty issues that have remained recurrent in our national life.

FRSC has no power to issue drivers’ licence

Introduction: With the October deadline on phasing out the old drivers licence and plate number for vehicles, agencies of government in Lagos State have found it lucrative to pounce on vehicles on the road to challenge owners or drivers of such cars to produce their driver’s licence.

ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: Renewable industry remains hope of future energy

THERE has been a lot of outrage over the recent increase in electricity tariffs. On one hand, people are complaining they were not well informed. People are not convinced. A lot of issues which I hope will be brought to the fore today. Mr. Ojuroungbe, is there a direct relationship between electricity tariffs and business?

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