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Ending militarism in the home

As men, we own the house with its entire property, including our wives. If women shouldn’t be our properties then why are we asked to pay so much to take them from their parents? Beating your wife is not violence, so, the world should stop putting it that way. Women ask for too much and sometimes have to be dealt with to be called to order! My wife is my property and I have every right over her; after all, didn’t I buy her with my money? Sometimes you hear people say husbands rape their wives, but how possible is that? Is the man not supposed to have right over his wife? Anyway, if my wife dares to deny me sex then it means she has given me a clean license to go out and enjoy myself!”
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God can’t give women dominion just to sit in kitchen – Bishop Priscilla Otuya, UGCAN President

The Founder of Christ Mega Church Nigeria & Overseas and current President, United Gospel Churches Association of Nigeria- UGCAN, Bishop Priscilla O. Otuya is an interesting woman who is enviably grounded in all fronts. As an entrepreneur, Otuya handles the administrative arm of Swan Dredging & Marine Limited, a dredging company she co-founded with her husband. As a mother also, she has 12 biological children to her credit; some of whom are already toeing her footsteps in ministry. Otuya who is of Kwale extraction in Delta State was recently consecrated as Bishop at the Chapel of Christ the Light in Lagos. Vista Woman had an encounter with her. Enjoy!

Newly-weds and baby pressure

I was admiring this couple at their wedding reception, marvelling at how well-matched they were; not only in their good looks and easy smiles, but also in the way they reached for each other’s hand unprompted from time to time, as if ensuring that they were connected all the time. As the chairman of the occasion made his speech, they smiled at the same time, giggled at the same time, and as if on cue, they would turn to smile lovingly at each other. I was mesmerized by the sight.

Nigeria has too many laws already – Hon. Nkoyo Toyo

Former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia and now a member of the House of Representatives where she represents Calabar/ Odukpani Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Nkoyo Toyo has been in the forefront of civil society movement. The founder of Gender and Development Action-GADA, Nkoyo is a veteran in gender advocacy and issues pertaining to governance. In this interview, she speaks on the attainment of the much desired 35% affirmative action, reveals why the cost of governance is expensive in Nigeria and also urges women to take advantage of laws provided for their protection. Enjoy!


There were no dry eyes in our group when we discussed the story of 24 year old Gloria Asuquo, who was diagnosed HIV positive which she had got from blood transfusion, at the tender age of 12, and who sometime later, had thought that death would be the best option for her situation.

‘Young mothers are failing in their primary role’

The Proprietress of Lagos-based Starland Private School and Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Mrs.Elizabeth Olanrewaju Olomofe-Kufeji a.k.a Mummy 2, is a seasoned educationist with over 40 years of experience in the teaching profession, beginning from the Lagos state civil service where she retired as the principal of Okota Grammar School 1986.

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