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Vote-Buying taken to the limits

WE are almost impelled to start today’s piece on the hypothesis that money is the sole determinant of electoral outcomes in Nigeria. In every election, the two major political parties spend big and win big while the small parties spend virtually nothing and win virtually nothing.
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An innovation in judicial activism

When a clean copy of the passed Bill has been presented to the President as required by law; and the President pocket-vetoes it based on Justice Mohammad’s “advice”, the NASS should go ahead to over-ride the President’s veto. That is the law!

Another day, Another scandal (2)

IT might be difficult to convince people that God answers all prayers. He does so at His own time and in His own way. A man prays fervently and requests God to give him a car by Christmas. He does everything to fulfill his own side of the request. Christmas comes and goes but there is no car. The man is disappointed and he feels God has not answered his prayers. Not quite so.

Our elections, still a façade

A woman votes and gets N5,000. There is no greater campaign than that. She will be the one to pull out every member of the community to come out and receive the wonders! Who will stop it – the police, SSS and other law enforcers, who had been settled the previous night?

More on lawmakers as lawbreakers

Men have lost their reasons! So soon, we have arrived at the point where a Distinguished Senator, so-called, is appealing to the Supreme Court to debase itself by prevailing on INEC to abandon its constitutionally-assigned responsibility

Gun Control: Our hopes, Our fears

Nobody is out here to question the Hausa/Fulani hegemony. But the truth must be told that the issue facing us at this late hour is not such that we should be separating a fight as if we are helping one side

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