Sunday Perspectives

Saying it as it is (3)

By Douglas Anele Many Nigerians are wondering why more than three weeks since the current fuel scarcity began  nobody has been sanctioned. Maybe what is playing out is the sacred cow syndrome in which certain individuals because of their connections with people in power can do anything and get away with it, which is why […]
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The possible impossibility of Nigeria (3)

By Douglas Anele Continuing with our analysis of Farooq Kperogi’s submission in his essay entitled “The Intellectual Case Against Nigeria’s Break-up,” the author hyperbolically affirms that “There is no nation in history whose formation was the consequence of democratic consensus. Historically, most nations were formed by conquests, expansionist wars and forceful co-optation, not by consensus.” […]

The possible impossibility of Nigeria (2)

Nigeria will cease to exist as one country in the foreseeable future unless the dominant northern ruling power block and its enablers recognise the need for serious devolution of powers to the six geopolitical zones By Douglas Anele Similarly, staunch apologists or advocates of One Nigeria often insist that given the robust precolonial historical connections […]

Biden, Trump and the DisUnited States of America (2)

Trump’s emergence as president has proved once again that democracy does not necessarily guarantee that the most qualified candidate would be elected By Douglas Anele In the November 3 presidential election, about five out of six in the total votes with which Joe Biden surpassed Hilary Clinton came from Georgia’s biggest metropolitan cities, namely, Augusta, […]

Biden, Trump and the DisUnited States of America (1)

Now, the rising economic and military power of China is seen by some prominent American politicians across party lines as the greatest challenge facing the country today By Douglas Anele The United States of America (or perhaps the Disunited States of America for a reason that would be explained later) is a nation of fifty […]

Last year, this year, and beyond (3)

By Douglas Anele As usual, in Nigeria the official response to covid-19 pandemic is hampered seriouslyby shambolic health care system, inadequate number and quality of health professionals in the relevant fields, non-existent testing and contact-tracing infrastructure, and conspiracy theories coupled with scepticism in some segments of the population about covid-19. That said, the effort to […]

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