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This Christmas season I had intended to engage in a critical investigation of religion given the powerful theological significance of the controversial purported birth of Jesus on December 25.
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RUGA, FURA and blind interventions

THE news of government’s plans to establish Ruga, or cattle colonies, throughout the Federation, started filtering out after President Muhammed Buhari was returned as President and his party, the APC, also won majority of seats in the National Assembly after the conclusion of February 2019 elections.

CBN’s 5-year plan: Chasing shadows with a charmed audience (2)

THE discourse, this week, relates to the implications of the CBN Governor’s plan for banks “to increase their capital base above the present N25bn”, which incidentally, was equivalent, to $195m (N127-N130=$1) in 2004, but has become seriously eroded to barely $75m today! Notwithstanding, CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele did not reveal how the inexplicably, battered Naira Exchange Rate, which is actually, the prime cause of the sliding value of the capital base of Nigerian banks will be rescued.

CBN’S 5-year plan: Chasing shadows with a charmed audience!

By Henry Boyo THE CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, reportedly, laid out to journalists, the outline and objectives, of the proposed five years (2019-2024) Policy Thrust of the CBN, in a detailed statement, on Monday, June 24, 2019 in Abuja. IMF warns rising debt makes economy more vulnerable(Opens in a new browser tab) Emefiele announced that […]

African continental free trade agreement: Matters arising

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari’s endorsement, of the document establishing the AfCFTA, at the 17th Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of African Union Heads of government in Niamey, Niger Republic, last week, (July 2019), suggests that 53 countries are now party to the same AfCFTA, which Nigeria, unexpectedly, refused to sign, even after 44 other countries had endorsed the treaty in a similar convention in South Africa in March 2018.

Frank rejoinders to last week’s article

Public rejoinders to Newspaper Opinion Columns, may often provide, useful, feedback on how well the message is understood by the reading public. Evidently, not every critic of an article, will find the time or inclination to send rejoinders, which may serve as a barometer of the understanding between the reading public and the messenger.

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