Onochie Anibeze

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Agenda for the new NFF

THE authentic President of the Nigeria Football Federation (they should revert to Nigeria Football Association) would have merged yesterday in the election held. It has been put off.

Mr President, please stop this mess from your minister

YOU may accuse President Goodluck Jonathan of not rescuing Chibok girls more than 130 days after their kidnap by the Boko Haram insurgents. You may accuse the Jonathan administration of not being decisive in handling security matters in the country.

June 23, Sao Paulo: Never walk alone

Ronaldo is a staff of Transporte Metropolitano. He speaks passable English and was glad that he met me to rehearse the language. He saw me at the Fabaguara Subway studying a map on the connections I had to make to get to Itakira where Corinthians Stadium is located on top of a hill.

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