Is’haq Modibbo Kawu

An end and a new beginning

JUST a few minutes past eleven in the morning last Wednesday, I received a telephone call from Nigeria’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed. He congratulated me and told me that President Muhammadu Buhari had approved my appointment as the Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).
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PDP: Katakata inside the basket of Scorpions

THESE are certainly not the best of times for Nigeria’s former ruling party, the People Dempcratic Party, PDP. The juggernaut’s transition from power has been so painful, almost like a junkie forcibly weaned off an addiction, that recovery is becoming a frustrating experience. The ruthless vote-rigging contraption that used to arrogantly describe itself as Africa’s largest political party, has dissembled so rapidly, soon after it was thrown out of power last year

Kwara and Kaduna: Contrasting faces of governance

I AM writing this week’s piece in Ilorin, Kwara State. In recent weeks, I have travelled back and forth between the three cities I live in: Abuja, Kaduna and Ilorin. These cities elicit contrasting emotions for me. As I have always argued, there is a soul-less character to Abuja, and an impersonality that is underlined at weekends or public holidays, when it empties as people travel to other parts of Nigeria.

January 15, 1966 coup: Public tragedy, private grief

FIFTY years ago, last week, Nigeria harvested the tragedy of its first military coup. That coup remains one of the most controversial events of our history, and one that has continued to fundamentally define the contours of our country’s history.

Fathers and sons Incorporated

ONE of the most significant issues of recent revelations of high wire corruption in Nigeria today, is the way that leading politicians have brought their children into the corruption loop. Top Nigerian politicians are appearing in courts together with their sons. Humungous sums of public money are stolen and shared by fathers and sons (their daughters are entering the political fray too). Ruling class irresponsibility has led to the detention and arraignment of fathers along with their children, for stealing monies in their care, expected to be used for the betterment of society.

New year, old contradictions

2016 is here! As the old year hurtled into memory, we can look forward to the portents for the New Year. Every country plans against the backdrop of expectations built within the context of the old year. We had exited last year with the excitement following the 2015 elections and change of government, tempered by the hard reality of a serious economic crisis. Household budgets have taken a severe knock as Nigerians go through a very difficult time; but we averted the danger that would have descended, if President Goodluck Jonathan’s PDP administration had achieved re-election. Nigeria pulled itself from the edge of a precipice, by voting for change, but for change to be more than just a slogan, there is a lot of work on hand for all of us. Nigeria must abandon the old ways and consciously make a different set of choices. But this is where the problem lies. The more things change, the more they have remained same in our country

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