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‘Birther’ Trump bites Cruz

NEARLY four years ago when Donald Trump led a bitter “birther” campaign against Barack Obama who was then running for a second term of office, Republicans were his willing cheerleaders. Then, Trump tried to use the issue to launch his presidential campaign. The loquacious billionaire was all over the place, questioning Obama’s real place of birth, and coming up with bizarre theories about the president being of Kenyan origin. Trump even went as far as claiming that the birth certificate Obama put out online was fake. He promised Americans that he had set up a sort of hit-squad to produce Obama’s real birth certificate that will show that he was born in Kenya, a factor that will disqualify him from running for office.
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1st 100 days in office

Americans have a variety of political traditions. Each presidential election cycle, as is happening now, some of these traditions are replayed as the system makes its way towards meeting a crucial part of its democratic destiny and objective.

Now, Mary can marry Maria anywhere in US

SAME-SEX marriages in the US are not a novelty. What is new is that last week, the U.S. Supreme Court affixed a stamp of legitimacy on such marriages anywhere in the country. Now, Mary can marry Maria, from New York to California, and from Arizona to Montana. In the same vein, James can take his lovely Jeremiah to a marriage registry anywhere in the United States and have a marriage official pronounce both men husband and wife, and they will be so recognized in the eyes of the law.

US Church massacre: The Apartheid connection

By Uche Onyebadi No one could have imagined that the ghost of “apartheid” would resurrect and become a factor in discussions about Dylann Roof, the young man who last week picked up his gun and, driven by bone-deep hatred for black people, murdered nine of them in the house of God in Charleston, South Carolina. […]

Acting Black, but White

Acting White is a derogatory verbal weapon in the African American community. The term is used against African Americans who, by their demeanour and actions, tend to mimic white modes of behaviour.

Can America wage peace?

Americans are so used to their country being at war that one of the questions creeping up in the race for the 2016 presidential election is: Can America wage peace?

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