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Let the past be

I have come across many references to the past. Some state that the past is very important because it is a guide to the future; some believe that the past must address its present (apologies to Soyinka in his Nobel Lecture) and some, like I want to be part of now, believe that the past is gone and should be allowed to rest in peace; however only to be remembered for its good contributions. I have decided to join this group of philosophers because of what is happening in the country now and what will happen in the near future.
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Providence takes care of fools!

The elections are here at last! There have been speculations on whether or not the elections will take place. Well, as my father would say, “Providence takes care of fools.” If I am one of the fools that populate the entire universe, then I am grateful to providence. If I am not, then … I am still grateful to providence for helping all of us take care of some of us, the very difficult amongst us. For this reason I say, thanks providence.

From Hazy Air to Political Miasma?

It has become necessary to make attempts at clarifying some issues now before we drift from the already hazy atmosphere into more serious political miasma.

A man more sinned against than sinning!

By Chimdi Maduagwu William    Shakespeare   popularized the legend of King Lear in a play of the same title. This play has a unique universal lesson on the concept of sin. Sin, in general terms, operates in the domain of religion. In Islam, it is Haram. It is some form of violation (of rules), wrongdoing, […]

“Transformation” And “Change”

I am as curious as very many Nigerians in this generation who are trapped by the unusual developments in the country today. But one important point must be made before I begin to penetrate the political, economic and cultural issues that seem to be holding the people bondage. This point is that for the first time, the entire people have a taste of freedom. They may not have received the proper dose, though, or not everyone realizes there is freedom already, but I have no doubt that majority of the people are enjoying freedom.

This political race and definitions: Imo state in view

Imo State is one state where anyone who passes by would definitely ask questions. I am interested in one major question and that is: who is at the helm of affairs here? As simple as the question seems, it is indeed overloaded. I want to say, one would want to know the person or persons who are responsible for the developments or non-developments in the state. Should I say that I have asked the question, times without number; even though I think I know the answer.

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